Ronsday – Happy Inauguration Day

We just had the Praetorian Guard present for the crowning of Tiberius. Soon he will shuffle off to the Isle of Capri where he can practice his perversions with little girls and the country will be run by a female Sejanus. We skipped Sulla, Caesar, and Augustus and went right to the first evil emperor. Welcome to the banana republic of the United States. We’re doomed!

Ron takes over.

Those who either voted or broke rules to put Biden & Harris in office deserve what’s going to happen in the next few years. Anyone who believes that those two are kind, wise, brave, warm, intelligent, patriotic public servants . . . . . . . well, that’s what lobotomies are for.

Tiger by the tail . . . dog who caught the car . . . horns of a dilemma — with DJT out of the picture, the ties and fasteners and threads that were holding the Democrat party together are gone, and the question is how long the honeymoon will last before the hemlock kicks in

People like Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Clinton have a common habit of saying really stupid things and then keep on talking to make things worse. Sometimes they sound as if they’re getting their research through Laugh-In and their news from late-nite comics. Might as well just listen to Hollywood and SportsCenter for updates.

Authoritarians consider themselves the arbiters of what’s good for other people and are unable to see that they are themselves the oppressor. Just as did the Nazi Gestapo, those libs who today are demanding that Trump supporters be cleansed, purged, retrained, or banned do not see what they’re doing as censorship, spying, or depriving others of their Constitutional rights.

The 21st century monopolies, FB, Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, have more economic wealth and power than any in history. They abused that power to manipulate US politics and decide a PotUS election. They suppressed Biden & son’s blatant corruption, censored the NY Post, banned Trump, and now completely dismantled their competition by ruining Parler.

And the Left is not just totally supportive of all that but complicit in it. The first thing an organized coup must do is stifle communications of those it wants to bring down. What really disturbs most of us the MOST is that the Dems don’t really deny the massive fraud of electing Biden; they just gloat at our frustration of not being able to prove it.

I’d really like to see someone explain to me how Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates, and Pichai are going to make the world, especially the US, a better place for everyone.

And it might be interesting to have MaligNancy tell us exactly whom Trump intends to nuke in his last week in office. Even more interesting would be for him to just lift the curtains on documents which would once and for all time clearly demonstrate just how corrupt, chickenshit, and evil the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DNC really are.

The worst things that ever happened to the US were not the Civil War, not the Great Depression, not the Cold War, and not the epizootic. The most catastrophic attacks on the country came in the form of (in descending order of magnitude)








Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

The Sicilian Mafia

(and fast food . . . the reason health care is so goddam expensive, but that’s another rant)

And now the only antidote has been disqualified by the Deep State Geheime Polizei and replaced by a senile career failure with a tanned Hillary standing by holding a hemlock-laced ice-cream cone as his Valentine’s Day treat.

Today’s politicians often seem much more interested in what sorts of unethical or unconstitutional things they can get away with rather than doing what they were sent to D.C. for by their constituents. I won’t take criticism from politicians, so I damned sure won’t take advice from them.

It’s like being dead . . . when you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead, but everybody around you knows it. Same thing when you’re a senator or congressman – you don’t think you’re stupid and corrupt, but everybody else knows what you are.

The litmus test for becoming a US senator from blue states is very simple. The candidate is placed in an 8 X 8 cell with fully padded steel walls, floor, and ceiling. Just before the door is locked, he’s given a 16-pound cannonball, then he’s left in there for 24 hours. When the door is opened, if the cannonball is either broken or cannot be found, he’s made a senator.

Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, Tlaib, Swallwell, Waters . . . they all need to be dehydrated and ground up for use as grit in cat-litter boxes. And one more thing I’d like someone to explain for me – how the country is SO much better off now that DJT has been vilified, impeached, humiliated, and run out of town.