AOTW 1-15-2021

Lot’s of worthy candidates but I’m gonna give the award to the ten Republican Congresscritters who voted for the Kangaroo Impeachment. This is why we lose. We elect RINOs.

Liz Cheney, WY
Gonzalez, OH
Jamie Herrera-Beutler, WA
John Katko, NY
Adam Kinzinger, Ill.
Peter Meijer, MI
Dan Newhouse, WA
Tom Rice, SC
Fred Upton, MI
David Valadao, CA


9 comments on “AOTW 1-15-2021

  1. Anthony Gonzalez, former Ohio State receiver, is particularly depressing. He was always a fan favorite–dependable, solid, and best when it really counted. Apparently, no longer. Here’s hoping he goes down in flames in 2022.

  2. Tentative Inaugural Schedule for Jan. 20, 2021.
    9:00 AM National Anthem
    9:30 AM Technical Dissertation on the the Mensa society.
    By Alexandra Occasio Cortez
    9:35 AM How to get blood out of your Hijab
    By Rashida Talib
    1000 AM There are 98 genders
    By Ru Paul and Liz Cheney
    10:30 AM Song of racial healing
    11:00 AM Lets dig up Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln and Impeach them too.
    By Nancy Pelosi
    1130 AM Fairness and ethics in today’s elections
    By the Abrams Sisters
    1200 PM how to grow dope in the southside of Chicago AND kill whitey.
    By Bobby Rush
    1230 PM changing of diapers and swearing in of Joe Biden
    You know, that thing. Dr. Jill will lead cheers while reciting her Doctorate thesis.
    Ruffles and Flourishes
    Discussion of Orange man bad and Corn pop. They were bad dudes.
    By Joe Biden
    1:00 PM We now love walls!
    By Homeland Security
    1:30 PM Peanut butter sandwiches and juice boxes.
    Served by Kamala Harris, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

  3. Go along to get along, I guess. At some point you run out of others to throw to the sharks. You still get eaten, even if you’re the last one.

  4. I guess I can be happy that Arizona’s contribution to political garbage, Jeff Flake’s name isn’t on the list, though I do wish he would just STFU and go away.

  5. I am sorry for the Greatest Generation WWII veterans who are still alive to see this. I know one such in his nineties who flew transport aircraft. He is healthy and still travels around the world with his wife.

    • That is really painful, I HATE this for them. I was at the Trump rally January 6. Everything you see on TV is a lie. We went to a rally with peaceful, mostly older, Americans, many of them veterans. There was no place to pee (hard on us older folks), the Mayor of DC did that on purpose to make us suffer. Pure hatred for Americans. We went from the elipse to the capital steps. Thousands of us on the Capital steps, we were assaulted by the Capital police. They threw tear gas, flash bombs, maced old men, veterans, who were not doing ANYTHING wrong. When we left, we went to a restaurant in Arlington that had Fox News blaring about the “riots”. We sat in disbelief watching what did not happen on the “news”. Do we live in a vortex? maybe just communism perhaps? It’s stunning.

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