AOTW 1-8-2021

In the spirit of the holiday season I didn’t give out an Asshole of the Week Award for the past two weeks. Now I’m back.

I read in this morning’s Atlanta Urinal and Constipation that the Republicans in the state legislature are gonna address the no excuse absentee ballot scam. Way to go dickwads. Close the barn door after all of the horses escaped and you lost two elections. As I’ve written before, if you don’t have a valid excuse for absentee voting like, disability, old age, or military you should be able to get your ass to the polls.

Of course, the Republican legislature could pass some sort of legislation but that idiot Kemp would prolly veto it. He’s demonstrated that he wants to be a one term governor. He and Raffensperger really fucked up the last two elections and allowed them to be stolen, IN PLAIN SIGHT, in Fulton County.

So, I’m giving those two another AOTW Award.


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  1. B-b-b-but if Kemp and Raffensperger hadn’t allowed Fulton County to walk all over the ballot counting process, they would have been called ray-ciss and the Kool Kids wouldn’t invite them the the parties anymore.

    And we all know how absolutely devastating that would be.

    • Getting called a racist by the Rats is basically mundane. Everything is racist to them as long as it helps them out politically. Remember snow is racist now. It is white and nice and pretty when it falls but after being driven over for a few days it turns black and nasty. Racist.

  2. Denny I think you are going to have to change your prediction of when we become a Socialist dictatorship I believe we are very close and its sad over half of this Nation is cheering it on

  3. Hell, give’ em the award next week, too.
    As for absentee ballots, I’ve voted by mail for years. Spent several election years havin’ to leave for work before the polls opened and not gettin’ home ’til after they closed. Yeah, I had an for hour lunch but that wasn’t enough time to drive fifty-some miles back to my town, vote and return to work.

    • I voted absentee for the first time this year. I will continue to do this as long as I can. It allowed me to take my time, do it when it was convenient for me, and research as needed. I delivered it to my city hall secure box with confidence that my votes represented me and would be counted.

      Instead of fighting absentee voting, let’s make it secure. It’s America and we should be helping ensure ALL OUR CITIZENS can vote securely and easily.

  4. Bottom line is if we make mail in (not absentee folks, there’s a difference between the two) voting now allowable, we eliminate a lot of the lazy couldn’t give a rats ass people from being in the voting pool and I’m perfectly fine with that. You damn well know there were people all over the inner cities having a ballot shoved under their fact on the dinner table, county rec center ping pong table etc. and being told check here, here and here. It was actually brilliant of the dems to do this. They got more uninterested votes to vote anyway because of the way they went about doing it. I figure, if you can’t find a way to make the time to get your butt to a polling place one day every 2 years, then you just don’t have an appreciation for the responsibility.

    • Speakin’ of lazy, in Kommiefornia you don’t even need a stamp. The County or State pays extra for the Business Reply Mail postage.

    • I guess I’m not sure what the difference in Absentee and mail in is. Due to the pandemic, I was able to get my ballot mailed to me, I filled it out and chose to drop it off versus mail it in, which I could have.

  5. Is there any hope the revenue commissioner will compare state tax returns with the December voting rolls and go after the folks who claimed to be residents but didn’t file state tax returns?

    Then how do we get him to do it?

  6. Oh and expect the electoral college to get attacked, this will help the dems by reducing the power of the rural American vote.

  7. Doesn’t the state legislature control election law exclusively? There shouldn’t be any sign off needed or required by the governor.

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