Saturday Boobage 1-9-2021

Thought I’d start the new year off right with some biker babes.

Click to enlarge.

21 comments on “Saturday Boobage 1-9-2021

  1. Portland has a naked bike ride in the Summer…a local charity makes it years budget selling the seats used by the gals in just one auction!!!

  2. If your readers can’t find a pair to like in this picture, there ain’t no hope for ’em.
    Thanks for the cornucopia of boobs.

  3. Life could be oh so sweet
    If I was a bicycle seat
    Ride, ride limbo treat
    Sit on me, I’m a bicycle seat
    “Jango Edwards”

  4. Reminds me of back in my skydiving days, one of my friends told me, “I wouldn’t do that if they guaranteed me I would land in a acre of tits.” I always fantasized about that but never did.

      • USS IREDELL COUNTY…RM3 BILL SCHEFFLER here…how’s things. You are one of the few I remember along with a few RM’s. I do remember you and a couple more playing in one of the bars in Hong Kong.

        • Hi Bill. Nice to hear from you. Actually, we played in one bar in Sasebo, Japan. I remember, I volunteered to stand radio watches because I hated radar watches and you guys were shorthanded at the time. Loved the midwatch where I could write all of my letters. I’m trying to place you. Did you have a nickname?

          The only guy I still keep in touch with is Pres Smith (Frog) who was a Quartermaster. I’ve visited him in California a few times.

          Over 50 years have passed. Amazing.

          • Other than Bill, they use to call me schef, some of the other radioman were David Craig Duckett, Ron Barnes, Coleman and we all remember Moody. Can’t remember the RD2 that got busted down to seamen. To help your memory, when we were at Tinshau landing in Danang, me and David Craig and Ron Coleman were picked up by the MPs from a house of ill repute and brought back to the ship. Took us to captains mast. Gave us a suspended bust and restriction. Didn’t mind the bust but the restriction screwed us cause we pulled into Bangkok and couldn’t go on liberty.

          • Did you have a mustache? Moody put me on report for calling him an asshole. The XO made him tear up the chit. I got away with murder because I was the only ET who could fix anything. Lothian, the leading ET was worthless.

            I loved Mister Friel. He took good care of me. I got him to chew out SM1 Loth a few times for trying to get me to chip paint when the radar was down.

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