Ronsday – Bizzaro World

Ever since Slick we’ve been living in a bizarre society where being politically correct in the minds of self-appointed censors on social media platforms is more important than telling the truth.

Slick started it all with his frat-boy attitude toward the office, and DingleBarry threw black oil on the fire with his racial hypocrisy and stunning ineptitude. Basement Biden’s theft of the election has all but eliminated reality and dignity from the Oval Office while driving public disgust to the red-line bumper post.

The nation is deteriorating economically, ethically, politically, and morally into banana-republic status, and CWII has become almost inevitable, especially if Panderer Joe continues killing jobs and inviting alien troubles via the World Health Organization, the porous southern border, and toadying up to Muslim terrorist states.

The Guinness Book of World Records is about to publish a new series, The World Record of Spiteful Decisions and Hypocritical Comments. Members of the US Senate, House, presidential cabinet, and dozens of state governors are sharpening and rehearsing their material for the coveted “Biggest Horse’s Ass of the Year” award.

It’s like this: the Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment, frowns on censorship. Then when FB or Twitter does it to conservatives, the Dems say, “Well, just create a social media platform of your own.” So Parler did just that, and in just a single day Google, Apple, & Amazon basically assassinated it. That’s what’s called a monopoly, which rhymes with “hypocrisy” and puts them in the running for the prize.

Those guys knee-jerk censor anyone they personally disagree with, saying “it’s time to heal” . . . but that sort of fascist oppression won’t help heal anything, ever, and if they wanted to get rid of agitprops, how about Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Stacy Abrams, Louis Farrakhan, and Aunty Fah?

Gazillionaire social media guys have acquired and consolidated more wealth and power than any other group in history except the Catholic church. And they use it as a wedge & cudgel to manipulate US politics, banning DJT, destroying Parler, and censoring the NY Post. In the evenings, by the server, you can hear those birdbrains chanting: O, divine mass media . . . hear my prejudices, smite the evil trump, and excuse the thefts and deceptions of the Democrats. Amen !

What-Ever! But . . . now that dopey Joe is ensconced behind that Resolute Desk,

The World Health Organization says current testing gives massive false positives

NPR is claiming deaths have peaked and will begin declining

Several states are calling for restaurants and businesses to reopen

Faux Chi says the number of cases has plateaued

CNN removed the Covid death count from its chyron and replaced it with a sexual content advisory because of the on-air orgasms of the talking heads over Trump’s removal

Broke, hungry, unskilled, probably infected meso-American caravans are massing for breach of the southern no-barrier border

BOHICA, y’all. It’s Obamanation 2.0 in crystal-clear 20-21 déjà vu. JayZeus, guys, the only things DingleBarry made the world safe for were Islam and RuPaul.

And to hear a career failure politician call for freedom and unity in a ceremony of hand-picked guests wearing masks surrounded by fences and razor wire with 25,000 armed military – how symbolic !!

The US gives power to incompetent wastrels through voting by misinformed fools. Some wise old Roman once said, “People tend to get the government they deserve.” Hey, if Trump can be impeached after leaving office, how about DingleBarry?

DJT was elected to take on the swamp monsters and dry out the quagmire. So now that he’s out of office, Joe Biden has decided to make voting illegal to keep that from ever happening again.

And I STILL wanna know how we’re SO much better off today than we were a year ago.