Jeep Ad

I heard there was a football game on last night. I didn’t watch it. In fact, I haven’t watched one minute of the Anti-American Negro Felons League this season. I don’t want to waste my time watching a bunch of black thugs who have made saints out of lowlifes like George Floyd and who disrespect our flag and the country that has made them rich. Fuck ’em!

One of my readers sent me an ad for Jeeps that ran during the game. I could only watch about 30 seconds of it before I wanted to throw up. It was all about coming together. To top it off, it was narrated by Bruce Springsteen, because no one knows more about coming together and “meeting in the middle” like liberal asshole Bruce Springsteen.

“Meeting in the middle” for the left means giving them everything they want and going full bore rat bastard commie.

“Meeting in the middle” means giving up our guns.

“Meeting in the middle” is censoring voices on the right.

“Meeting in the middle” is accepting the results of a stolen election.

“Meeting in the middle” is throwing open our borders and welcoming the entire Third World into this country. Then giving them the right to vote so we get more Idiot Omars, Rancida Tlaibs, and AOC Smollets.

Springsteen said that if Trump won in 2020, he would move to Australia. Right. Just like all the celebrities who said they would leave the country if Trump won in 2016. The trouble is they always break their promises. Streisand never left. Cher never left. Rosie never left. And Brucie wouldn’t have left either.

I love what the Babylon Bee posted before the Super Bowl.

U.S.—All around the country, conservatives have invited friends and family over to enjoy food, funny commercials, football, and being insulted by every major corporation in America.

“I love football,” said local Christian conservative Brad Longaberger, “but I also love the humbling experience of sitting through hours of sermons from powerful corporations reminding me how rotten and terrible I am for not supporting progressive causes!”

Jeep did its part.