Ronsday – Twilight of America

Ron rants.

Weird . . . what goes on in D.C. Best economy in history . . . lowest unemployment EVER . . . border trespasses W-A-Y down . . . energy independent . . . and just about everybody better off than they were during the Golden Negro’s tenure.

But . . . toxic fumes leaking out from the Potomac marshes contaminated the atmosphere and gave everybody a bad case of TDS, introducing a Fool’s Gold Age of Ignorance created by nation-killer Soros and the disinformation arm of the DNC which caused the GOP to become congressipated and paranoid.

A giant plume formed over the entire region – call it the Beltway Bubble. Actually the noxious gas had been bubbling up from Ol’ Swampy for decades, but recently – prob’ly due to ‘anthropogenic climate change’ – its potency has increased exponentially because of relentless propaganda from the left-wing “news” sources.

Libs and conservatives in central government adopted the practice of automatically voting opposite each other on nearly all issues. Any rule or regulation or law proposed by a Conservative got an auto knee-jerk “NO!” from the left, and anything sponsored by the left got the same reaction from conservatives.

Good examples would be CNN and FoxNews: Trumpistos discredited and suggested dismantling CNN while Leftistes wanted to shut down FoxNews completely. Reality is, though, that nearly no one on the left ever watches Fox, and very few conservatives pay serious attention to CNN, so essentially they’re just like the “Hands-Up/Don’t-Shoot” bots, barking at phantoms and howling at the moon without a clue as to what actually happened.

Each side complains about biased or outright fake news by the other side but never actually LISTENS to what’s being reported, or how it’s presented, or why it’s not even mentioned on the opposition networks.

It’s kinda like gun control – snowflakes love to chant “Hey, Hey, NRA – how many kids did you kill today?” when the truth is that the answer is NONE, but they won’t believe it. Hey, if the millions of people who legally own millions of guns in this country were actually a bunch of mass murderers, I’m sure we’d know it by now. There wouldn’t BE any friggin liberals runnin around bitchin about everything.

Hey, I’d like to be able to see their point of view on guns, abortions, Trump, illegal immigration, Islam, climate change, and a buncha other things, but I just can’t get my head that far up my ass.

And radicalism – wholly shi’ite, amigos mios . . . all summer long Antifa and BLM destroyed businesses, buildings, police cars, public property, and people’s lives, but the mainstream media insisted that it was all “mostly peaceful” and the violence was “just a myth” ‘cause all the world’s problems were caused by old white men.

Then a few agent-provocateur assholes managed to get into the Capitol and Congressional offices (with the help of the Capitol police) and suddenly it’s an insurrection planned and staged by the evil Orangeman (who actually asked the demonstrators to behave and then to go home when they became troublesome).

JayZeus, mouseketeers, talk about hypocrisy – the Dems say we need to “heal” the racial divide in this country, but then their potus dementius candidate actually declares publicly that his veep partner WILL BE a female of color. Hey, Hey, MLK – did you hear what he said today?

And the posterboy for old white troublemakin dudes — Joey B — panders to political grievance groups such as BLM and LGBTQ and sucks up to the climate hysteria autists and Sinophiles. Good Fargin Grief, folks . . . doncha think it’s time we establish a policy of political pre-nups to do something about all the lies and hypocrisy and empty promises??? If they don’t produce once they get into office, take away their bennies and fire their lyin asses the same way you would a cheatin spouse.

JRB is NOT the legitimately elected PotUS any more than RocketMan is the legitimately elected supreme leader of NorKor. Goddamit, Joey B thinks he’s pushin all the right buttons for his base, but the one that NEEDs to be pushed is the MUTE button.

Everybody, and that’s EVERYbody, including DOCTOR Jill, knows that Joe has lost hearing in his starboard eye and the cheddar slipped off his Ritz a LONG time ago.

The faux potus, the guy who said you can’t rule by EO alone but has signed dozens of the goddam things in his first two weeks in office, is a pathetic, fumbling, bumbling, stumbling old fool who can’t finish a sentence without getting his tongue wrapped around his eye teeth so that he can’t see what the hell he’s saying, even when what he’s supposed to say is written down for him on a card or a teleprompter.

CinC Doofus, his resurrected lack-of-visionaries, AND his “election” belong in the Guiness Book of Idiocies. We are deep into the sad twilight of a once-proud republic now circling the bowl. In other words, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in America anymore.”