Sunday Metal 2-14-2021

As far from metal as I can get today.

When I left to go to the store yesterday I noticed someone had tied a balloon on my mailbox that said, “I Love You”. WTF? This had to be a case of mistaken identity. Whom do I know nearby who loves me besides my cats and in Chloe’s case that’s dubious? Sammy, OTOH, loooves me. Who could my secret admirer be? Not a clue. So I got an early Valentine from either a secret admirer, or the balloon was on the wrong mailbox. Or maybe someone just felt sorry for a misanthrope like me. I guess I should feel like it’s a good feeling to know somebody loves me. Hence today’s song by Poco. Poco was the Eagles before the Eagles. And when Poco broke up, their bassist Timothy B. Schmidt, became the Eagles’ bassist and sang high harmony.

Happy Valentine’s Day.