More Global Warmening News

Hey Texas! How do you like the global warming?

Rolling power outages could sweep across the state through Tuesday if demand outpaces supply as expected because of the bitter cold.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the state’s power grid, emphasized Texans should reduce energy consumption as temperatures dropped. The grid could reach unprecedented winter demands, said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT’s senior director of system operations.

Time to fire up all of those windmills.

Demand is one of the issues facing the power grid, but the cold is causing other problems, too. Electric generators are vying for natural gas as people turn to that fuel for heating. Icy conditions also knocked out almost half of the state’s wind power generation capacity as wind turbines froze across the state, Woodfin added.

Oooops! Betcha wish you had some coal fired plants and some nuclear power.

During this stretch of global warming records are being set for low temperatures throughout the US and Canada.

Meanwhile in Germany.

Germany is held up as the world’s solar and wind capital by “renewables luvvies” but Germans are freezing through winter due to “millions of solar panels blanketed in snow” and turbines sitting idle, according to Rowan Dean.

“Germany’s long been held up by the likes of these renewable luvvies, they say Germany’s the world’s great wind and solar capital,” Mr Dean said.

“But as we speak millions of solar panels are blanketed in snow and 30,000 wind turbines are sitting idle because there’s no wind.

“Freezing Germans shivering in their lederhosen’s are desperate for coal fired power to heat up their wurst and sauerkraut.”

Too bad they shut down all of the coal plants and closed the coal mines. They also got rid of the nuke plants. This is the Green New Deal in action. No wind, no sun, no electricity.

What did socialists use before candles? Electricity.