Joke Of The Week

I’m not making this up.

Another Gorilla Glue episode.

A Louisiana man who accused Tessica Brown of making up her Gorilla Glue hair saga ended up in the ER after he glued a plastic cup to his lip

A Louisiana man said he thought a woman who sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue was lying.

So he decided to do a totally normal thing and Gorilla Glue a plastic cup to his lip.

He couldn’t remove the cup, and a doctor had to painfully peel it from his mouth.

Stupidity should be painful. Meanwhile, those of us with brains get to laugh at this booger eatin’ moh-ron.

20 comments on “Joke Of The Week

  1. Kristin Clarke said that melanin in black people’s brains makes them smarter in a way that whites cannot detect. These two examples show that it is undetectable by anyone. If it looks stupid, walks stupid, and quacks stupid, then its stupid.

    To each of these two users of Gorilla Glue, I would tell them to say hello to Mr. Peebles.

    • Actually, when they were first developing IQ tests, Negroes (as they were called) consistently scored lower than Whites. They had to monkey (sorry!) with the test to make them come out even.

  2. There once was a couple named Kelly,
    Who are now living belly-to-belly,
    Because in their haste, they used library paste,
    Instead of Petroleum Jelly.

  3. In the old days people like this were eaten by the bears and wolves, killed by the Indians or died when they fell off a cliff or into a raging river. Now, our legal systems keep them alive and allow them to propagate.

  4. I saw a nature show in which a researcher communicated with Koko the gorilla usage sign language. Warning labels in sign language may be worth a try.

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