Ronsday – Racism And Other Stuff

Ron rants.

Lotta big Whoop-de-Do about nipple-ring Cuomo’s behavior around younger women, but crickets about Biden’s sexual conduct with Tara Reade. Guess the libs prefer brain-dead Joe as their meat puppet instead of randy Andy. So the race is on . . . who’ll be first to go, Biden, Cuomo, or Meghan?

As I’ve said before, I don’t listen to politicians, and royalty doesn’t impress me in the slightest. Henpecked Harry’s Murkan wife Meghan is a whiney-ass big-mouth social climber who played the race card at the wrong time and really pissed off a lotta Brits who really don’t like furriners disparagin their archaic figurehead German queen.

I’m just SO weary of and disgusted by the kneejerk extortion term “racism.” The way I see it is through the old “birds of a feather” axiom. We instinctively feel more comfortable around people who speak a language we fully understand and follow a lifestyle and spiritual path similar to our own. It’s hardwired into DNA by our thousands of years of ancient tribal survival instincts.

Most of the time we automatically tend to flock together with people who look like us, think like us, speak like us, eat the same foods, listen to the same music, and have the same beliefs as we do. Given that reality, it’s natural for a certain amount of suspicion, tribalism, nationalism, and racism to exist, and yes . . . brown people are just as clannish that way as white ones.

You gotta wonder why it is that the MSM can get so worked up about an old cartoon or stylized picture on a rice box or cereal bottle but refuse to even discuss the flagrant indiscretions of the Biden and Clinton families. Makes you think about how long it’ll be ‘til Mickey, Goofy, Tom, and the seven dwarfs get the ax.

But what I don’t get is how it’s NOT racist OR sexist to choose a person who’s grossly UNqualified for the job of next-in-line to the PotUSy based on nothing but skin color and gender.

It’s all a giant scam . . . need money but don’t wanna work? Claim racism and get a go-fund-me site started. Bring suit against an employer or business. Blame “white privilege” for your failure to learn how to do anything useful. Best availability to riches in Murka is with the grievance and victim industries

The George Floyd apotheosis, set to begin soon, is an undisguised encore of the canonization of Gentle Giant Michael Brown. Floyd died basically from self-abuse with drugs, and Brown was nothing more than a thug in on-the-job training. Those assholes, along with Trayvon, Eric, and several others, are heroes in much the same way as I’m a Muslim holy man.

Recently Brocko Bammer announced that he is in favor of reparations for slavery. Now – his father was African and his mother was a white woman descendant of slave owners . . . so he’d be paying himself, wouldn’t he?

So here we are . . . NorKor chest-thumping again, Iran making demands and testing missiles, 10s of thousands of Latinos marching toward the border chanting, “Jose, let us in,” while the entire world senses our confusion and weakness and salivates over our wussified suicide by political correctness and suffocation by snowflakes.

Other people see what’s happened: DJT destroyed ISIS; JRB destroyed Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. Sundowner Joe is backpedaling so fast his chain is about to jump off the sprockets. He’s gone back on his word so many times from the promises he made in the campaign that democrats realize it’s time to do something about it, so they’ve decided to new file impeachment charges against Donald Trump.

That second revolution so often predicted in the blogosphere has happened while we weren’t watching, and it’s given birth to the world’s newest banana republic – the USSA. After the 8-year halfrican debacle, a patriotic realist moved into the Oval Office and delayed it a while by establishing firm policies on spending, taxes, immigration, defense, international trade, and so on.

But . . . as is their nature, pendulums DO swing, so a few years later a liberal rides in on the bob and tears everything down to set up regime of retired Tinker Belles, past-their-prime unicorns, fired knights in tinfoil armor, resurrected metrosexuals, and gender-confused ninnies.

It’s as if the entire purpose of elections is to give loonies the power to create new problems to fit the solutions they came up with in their wet dreams . . . and then down the road bring in a new bunch to solve the crises they manufactured “for the American people.”

“Lawmakers” such as Nancy Pelosi haven’t the slightest bit of interest or concern for “the American people.” She has all the deepest primal instincts of a jackal, and her counterpart in the Senate has those of a shitweasel.

MaligNancy is a bipedal virus MUCH more dangerous than polio, malaria, TB, Covid, or any other disease. She is malignant, lethal, and evil. I wonder . . . maybe if we threw her into Kilauea it might appease the virus gods.

Of course Nan isn’t the only harridan in our midst. There’s always the cankle sore that won’t go away, Shrillary. Just a coupla days ago I was reading about a new mystery thriller that’s about to hit the stores.

It involves greed, political ambition, criminal conspiracy, international money laundering, real estate swindles, voter fraud, sex scandals, and murder. Its title is The Autobiography of Hillary Clinton.