Ronsday – There’s A Problem

Ron’s weekly rant.

Time to wash Monsterdawg. Gittin a li’l stale. Smells like an old outside dog. Sure will be glad when the weather warms up and I can do it outside. Wrasslin that guy into the deepsink gets harder every time. My starboard shoulder keeps tellin me that if I don’t quit liftin him up like that, I’m gonna regret it . . . in perpetuity. Guy weighs over 80 pounds.

But . . . it’s a li’l early to be wakin up the house doin that, so I’ll just let my fingers wander over the keyboard for a while and see what pops up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The problem with what’s happening in US society today isn’t that people can’t see where the bookbanning and PC police and fake news will eventually take us . . . the problem is that a whole lotta people DO see exactly where we’re headed, and they’re not doing anything to stop it.

Statues bein pulled down, schools bein renamed, books bein banned, syrup bottles tagged as racist, “antifa isn’t a real thing . . . it’s just an idea,” stupid anti-white riots in the streets are “mostly peaceful,” George Floyd and Michael Brown were saints, Muppets, Dumbo, and even a plastic potato declared racist . . . . it’s silly, it’s pointless, it’s childish, and it’s dangerous.

Wouldn’t take much to believe that China could chase our military out of the western Pacific by mounting loudspeakers on sampans and yelling offensive gender-trigger pronouns at our troops.

And in California, almost a hundred million bucks was set up to provide hotel accommodations for illegals while US citizens, many who are military vets, sleep on the streets in cardboard boxes.

The ever-growing number of illegals in the country today, some say as many as 40 million but at LEAST 15 million or so, will get amnesty pretty soon, then citizenship . . . and they’ll use that new-found power to vote themselves more “relief” checks, more food stamps, more health care, more freebies.

When kids can watch scantily clad female “rappers” do pretend lesbian sex in prime-time television instead of reading children’s books (which are now banned), when thugs such as Martin, Garner, Floyd, and Brown are romanticized and sanctified, when cities and business districts are burned to the ground . . . hey, guys – there’s a problem.

When an incestuous “oppressed” Muslim woman can come here, enjoy the benefits, get education, get welfare, get healthcare, and eventually steal a seat in the US Congress, then use her status to declare that this is a racist and oppressive country . . . there’s a problem.

When you need I.D. to arrange a loan, get prescription medicine, buy booze, drive a car, fly on a commercial airliner, purchase a firearm, even go fishing, but not to vote, there’s a problem.

When 5-year-old kids can decide their gender, there’s a problem. And when whites pretend to be black, or Indian . . . or when Indians pretend to be black, and when a career loser can spend the entire summer hiding in a basement and still get more votes than the magic negro, there’s a problem.

Ah, yes . . . . Joey B . . . first the guy plagiarizes, then he goes through 30 years in congress making the wrong decisions on just about every issue that came up, and LIES about it, then he uses his position as veep to get his worthless kid on the board of a company for which he is spectacularly unqualified, then he spends the entire summer in his basement hiding, then he allows his supporters to corrupt and steal the election for him, and now he stumbles REPEATEDLY going UP a ladder into AF1 ‘cause of the “wind.” Grease us Twice !! What must the world think of us for elevating this phoney mumbler/stumbler to a position of power!

I won’t be even slightly surprised to learn that since he often wears a mask while speaking in public (when he remembers) that many of his statements have been replaced by voice fakes to make him sound more aware of what he’s talking about and even sensible in his analysis. Gotta wonder just how long his “check engine” light has been on.

How the hell is this animated cadaver gonna make it to January 2025? Hope he’s enjoying his little cruise through the swamp . . . like a grinning frog riding on the head of a gator that’s completely submerged in the slime. H.F.S. Even CARTER was better than this brainless stage prop at the end of a George Soros fly rope.

Doofus Joe’s mind must be like a granny’s desktop at the elderhostel –

22 tabs are open

4 of ‘em are frozen

2 virus alerts are flashing

the mailbox is full and rejecting all new messages

the printer is out of ink

the mouse batteries are under 1%

and she has no idea where that music’s coming from

Oh, well . . . lookin at the other side of the coin – wonder if Jill has been workin on a way to off Kamalho. I mean, we know Joe ain’t thinkin about that, but I bet SHE is. The poster girl for elder abuse.

Ron needs to read Kurt Schlichter’s latest novel where Stacy Abrams Tank becomes VP when Horizontal Harris resigns after getting sick eating cookies Jill baked.