AOTW 3-26-2021

Some worthy candidates this week. Howza ’bout the mayor of Oakland who has decided to give $500 a month to poor families with the exception of white families. Isn’t that like, yannow, racist?

But the award goes to that whiny bitch Megan Rapinoe. She’s whining about how women soccer players don’t get paid as much as men. There’s a simple reason for that Megan. People will pay to see men play soccer. They won’t pay to see women play soccer, especially women who can’t beat a team of 15 year old boys.

In preparation for two upcoming friendlies against Russia, the U.S. women’s national team played the FC Dallas U-15 boys academy team on Sunday and fell 5-2, according to FC Dallas’ official website.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was gonna write sumpin’ about how the 15 year old boys should demand to be paid as much as the women but the Babylon Bee beat me to it.

U.S.—Dozens of 15-year-old boys’ soccer teams across the country have demanded equal pay to the women’s national team, since they are competitive with the women and even beat them from time to time.

“It’s only fair,” said high-schooler Aiden Benton. “This is a clear case of sexism and age discrimination, that I get paid nothing to play and the women get a decent little paycheck.”

“End pay discrimination now!” he added, clapping on each word for emphasis.

“The boy makes a really good point,” said CNN reporter Holly Bandersnatch. “He clapped on each word, plus, he claimed sexism. It is only fair that the boys’ team get paid the same as the world champions’ women’s team. You just can’t argue with hand claps.”

At publishing time, the women had made the counterargument that the 15-year-old boys’ teams are smelly boys and should be stuffed in a locker somewhere.

Take that Megan! You won’t get paid as much as men but you will get the AOTW Award.


9 comments on “AOTW 3-26-2021

  1. If they used her as a model for “World Cup Soccer Barbie”, they would have to put a disclaimer on the box “Breasts Sold Separately”.

  2. Best pick so far this year, sir. I like that Bee piece, too. Maybe it’ll teach the whiny bitches a lesson, huh?
    Nah. What am I thinkin’?

  3. I remember when that game happened and the women’s team players and coaches all tried to spin it that it was just a scrimmage, they weren’t going all out, yada yada yada. It was all obviously bullshit and you could tell the women had their feelings hurt. They thought it would be like a college team playing a pro team and they’d wipe them up. Nope. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer shemale or heman whatever that Rappen hoe thing is.

  4. I seem to recall that they investigated the pay gap and it turned out to be because the women *chose* to go with a lower paying, but sure to pay, system than the men. The men’s compensation is based on how well they do, both in results and in earnings.

    In other words, the pay gap is the same as it always is – men negotiate harder and take more risks.

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