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I can tell the pandemic is almost over here in Georgia. Since the pandemic hit, when returning from visiting my sister in South Carolina it has been smooth sailing all the way as traffic has been light. Now, it’s returning. Traffic starting getting bad on I-20 seven miles east of I-285. That hasn’t happened since the pandemic struck. It was also thick on I-285 up to beautiful Dunwoody.

Now for the joke sent to me by Roman.

The Bidens were out to dinner.
The waiter asked Mrs Biden for her order.
She said, “I’ll have the t-bone steak.”

The waiter said, “And for your vegetable?”

Mrs Biden said, “He’s not eating!”

7 comments on “Joke Of The Week

  1. Thanks to Roman for a great joke. President * has been animal, now vegetable, and will be mineral when he assumes room temperature.

  2. Reminds me of the old Margaret Thatcher joke:
    Thatcher and her Cabinet colleagues were having dinner together – the waiter asked for her order. “I’ll have a steak, rare”, she barked. “And the vegetables?”, the waiter asked. “They’ll have the same!”

    Quite a role-reversal from those days…

  3. And now begins the great discussion as to which veggie best represents Slow Joe.
    I’ll start of by suggestin’ the turnip.

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