Modern Day Lynching

Remember in the old westerns you had the mob gather outside of the jail demanding the prisoner be turned over so they could hang him? The only thing standing between the prisoner and the end of a rope was the sheriff and maybe a few deputies.

Well now we come to the new lynch mob. We are witnessing it in Minneapolis in the Chauvin trial. There is a lynch mob standing outside of the courthouse, both literally and figuratively demanding blood. Convict Chauvin or we will tear the city apart again. There is no sheriff barring the way. The city is in on the lynching.

The city has already stacked the deck against Chauvin by giving the Floyd family a $27 million wrongful death settlement. Ledt that sink in. $27 million to the family of a career criminal and all around scumbag. The family doesn’t deserve a cent but we now live in the age where we confer sainthood on career African criminals like St. George of fentanyl and St. Freddie of heroin. St. Freddie even has a recreation center named after him. And Africans wonder why they can’t get ahead in this country. It has nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with stupidity.

Ron wrote yesterday that eventually the Amfricans, as he calls them, will eventually decline as a demographic group. Before that happens, we must bow down and worship blackness and confer martyrdom on every black scumbag killed by a white cop.

This worship involves lynching a white cop for doing his job. That’s what they did to the white cop who took St. Michael of Swisher Sweets off the street. We had the myth of “Hands up, don’t shoot”. You see, you’re not supposed to stop Africans for committing crimes or to defend yourself if they attack you. That’s racist.

Chauvin did everything by the book. He didn’t kill St. George. St. George died of a drug overdose. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good lynching.

You think the jury is not afraid of being doxxed and having the mob go after them?

You think Minneapolis is not afraid of more riots in case Chauvin is pronounced not guilty?

There is no way that Chauvin can get a fair trial in Minneapolis. Not with the lynch mob howling outside the courthouse.

Back in the old South they lynched black people. Now, up in the north they only lynch white people. If they don’t, the black people will go on a rampage and they will call it a “peaceful protest”.

They could call out the national guard to retain order but that would be racist.

We are watching a modern day lynching and this time it’s the black people doing it to the white people.

11 comments on “Modern Day Lynching

  1. As they said in the Civil War, bottom rail on top now. I predict a “hung” (pun intended) jury. Might get manslaughter but that will not be enough for the bigots and racists on the left. They want 25-30 years in prison or the death penalty.

    • I say immediately after the verdict (we know there will be riots no matter what) ten to fifteen A10s need to make a full 30mm pass.

      This will accomplish three things:
      Reduce the number of people on welfare and on Soros’ payroll. These dead will still be voting Democrat for years to come.
      Provide extra overtime for the Sanitation Department.
      Show the Left that Peaceful Protests are solved with Peaceful Airstrikes.

    • I might guess he’ll get manslaughter and they’ll sentence him to 30 years but there will be riots and looting and arson and the police will withdraw and watch it all burn and nobody will ever be arrested, let alone convicted, of anything. Is this not the likely scenario? The jury can’t convict for murder and they’ll be afraid to let him walk. It’s possible a few brave holdouts will hang the jury against any convictions, and then they’ll get doxed and murdered. Good times, good times…

  2. I live near the shithole Murderapolis has become, as voted for by the S4B’s that live there. The whole 12 city council are a bunch of kooks and wack jobs. Some don’t even know what sex they are. I suspect at least 11 of the 12 are gay as well as the mayor and his lover the chief of police….another quota hire.
    You are correct, Chauven did it by the book, at least exactly how the training was and the manual has exactly the picture the the media pukes have spread all over. Murderapolis will burn no matter the verdict. Who cares???

  3. Find the uncut video, it tells a different story. Would post a link but can’t remember where I saw it, or if it’s still up. No matter what the verdict there will be riots and looting, if there’s anything left to loot.

  4. The name “Chauvin” sounds French. This is fixin’ to be the Reign of Terror toward Robespierre’s guillotine.

    • Actually, Atlanta is not my hometown. It’s just where I have lived for half of my life. My actual hometown is Webster Groves Missouri a suburb of St. Louis. If I weren’t a crip I would consider moving back. Of course, if I weren’t a crip, I would prolly be living in the British Virgin Islands.

  5. When the family spouts the BS “he was the most loving….” I often wonder if they need an idiot card so they can remember who it is they are talking about. It’s all about winning the ghetto lottery.
    In Kanuckistan we have the same problem. But you substitute indian for black.

    • Maybe they ought to get that woman he robbed by threatening to shoot the baby in her belly to testify about what a fine upstanding person he was.

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