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Ron rants.

Wonder . . . what would happen if some manufacturer tried to promote the idea of Amfricans being less black. What if we came up with a “stop blaming white people for everything” month. I’d kinda like to see that.

The uproar would be deafening if the 86% of the population who are NOT black said things would get better if blacks tried to be less black. But, the MSM would just distract the energy by reminding everybody that trannies can now compete in women’s sports so we’d all forget about it.

And the faux pandemic . . . with all its masks, social distancing, lockdowns – what the hell has it accomplished? Virtually NO ONE has died in the past 12 months from any form of seasonal flu, bird, swine, Hong Kong; all deaths, even suicides, are written off as Covid.

Today I read an article which says the higher-than-normal number of deaths due to avalanches is covid-related. HFS . . . the logic is that the lockdown and work-from-remote situation gives people more free time, so they go skiing in places where they shouldn’t, and that causes avalanches which otherwise wouldn’t kill anybody.

I’m tellin ya, folks, it’s a hoax. A pandemic with a 99.7% survival rate? Most of the true “covid” deaths have been people with compromised or suppressed or weakened immune systems, and certainly not schoolkids. My guess is that a YUGE number of ‘em just had ordinary flu which killed ‘em because they were anemic, malnourished, overweight, asthmatic, or whatever . . . not a more-dangerous-than-normal bug.

And one of the very first conspiracy articles I read (a year ago) about the new strain was that it had been developed specifically by Russia to reduce the retired and aged population in advanced countries where they’re a drain on the economy.

Look at it this way: the biggest drain on croney capitalism, or predatory moneygrabbing, or compulsive wealth accumulation, whatever you’d like to call it, is people drawing money from retirement plans, elderly people who no longer produce but simply wait for their deposits, and disabled people who can’t work but still get paid compensation, people with severe health issues, for example.

Hey, if you were a dedicated money accumulator with friends in key government positions of authority, the best thing that could happen to you in terms of safeguarding your hoard would be a pandemic that affected aged, ill, and non-productive persons living on retirement, social security, annuities, welfare, and other government assistance. Besides, more elderly Americans tend to vote for conservative candidates than liberal ones.

Hell, we don’t need fences in the capitol; we need them on the southern border. And we don’t need metal detectors on Capitol Hill; we need meNtal detectors. I gotta say, the day that little prick Fauci goes away should be celebrated as a national holiday.

I am quite weary of the continuing disgraceful idiocy that is the US Congress . . . it’s like with athletes and other entertainers – they need to stop hogging the microphones and cameras and just do what they’re paid to do.

Pelosi is running what amounts to NALMO, the North American Legislative Malpractice Organization with her “pandemic relief bill” of which less than 10% of the funding actually goes to the victims and the rest goes to pork projects to ensure re-election of her leftist cronies.

The so-called “Equality Act” is also a farce from the git-go. It’s not designed to protect vulnerable minorities from ignorant discrimination . . . only as a bludgeon to beat down anybody unwilling to submit to unnatural sexual and gender ideologies.

Anyone who objects to or even questions the transgender medical procedures would be condemned as narrow-minded and unreasonably discriminatory under the law. And anyone refusing to fund, support, or provide abortions would be treated as criminal.

And for those who think we’ll soon be able to throw away our masks and return to “normal” because of the vaccines . . . do you also believe the moon is a hollow satellite built for aliens to observe us from? do you believe the earth is flat? that Mt. Rushmore is a natural rock formation? that Biden actually WON the election?

Yeah, right. You and Hollywood. Well, I got a news flash for all y’all: “Never believe your own propaganda.” And if you don’t like the advice you heard today from Fauci, just wait ‘til tomorrow; it’ll change.

Toppling statues . . . banning movies . . . burning books – hey, tell me . . . was there ever a time in history when the people banning books and censoring speech were the good guys? I mean . . . Dr. Seuss? YGBSM !! What’s next, Pillsbury Doughboy?

Grow a pair, and if you’re gender confused and can’t, then put on your big-girl panties and stop bitching about stuff that doesn’t bother anybody but snowflakes and pussies. The truth is, you go to a national cemetery and the only colors you see are in the grass and the flowers and the flags. The headstones are all the same color: off-white or gray.

And I’ll tell you this, too — what the media are now calling “Trumpism” is actually more like Americanism, or populism, or “clean-the-swampism.” Trump might not be the 2024 nominee, or even the leader of the GOP, but anybody who’s anti-Trump won’t be either. The problem will be, of course, that the liberals are just SO much better at election fraud than the GOP.

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  1. Since I am to act less white:
    1. I will give up my whiteness that drank Coca-Cola.
    2. I will give up my whiteness that flew on Delta Airlines.
    3. I will give up my whiteness that donated to a racially-specific cause…

        • Interesting point … my grandparents, parents and myself have paid into the Ponzi scheme labeled Social Security and have never drawn a dime out of it. Trillions of generational wealth disappears when the taxpayer dies (much like an involuntary flexible spending account) and re-emerges as welfare, gender studies in Pakistan, overtime for the PoPo in Portland, ice cream for Nancy, and $2T relief bills. Outright fu**ing thievery, or maybe just white privelage … 🤨!

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