Saturday Boobage 7-10-2021

Ah the great outdoors. From Len.

14 comments on “Saturday Boobage 7-10-2021

  1. An affable snow girl!
    I never saw one in my mountain days (which was a while back more is the pity)
    Look what a healthy outdoor life does for a torso! No sagging around.
    But I doubt the usefulness of the trousers. The more holes in designer jeans, the more they cost!

  2. Denny, what is your email again? I wanted to send you a recommendation for Sunday Metal, but I can’t find your address (I used to email using my old work account).

  3. Flawless from the top of her Carhartt cap to her unlaced boots. And the background ain’t bad either.
    Nice photo guys. Thanks!

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