Electric Cars

Didja see the latest bullshit from the * administration?

Joe Biden will announce a new order to have 40% to 50% of US auto sales electric by 2030.

Since the overwhelming majority of Americans prefer gas-powered cars to electric vehicles, the Biden Admin will just force the EVs on the population.

Why not? They’re forcing all sorts of other crap on us. Mandatory masks. Mandatory vaccines. Mandatory health insurance. What’s a few mandatory cars?

Of course, with the inflation coming down the road, no one will be able to afford the mandatory electric cars. Then the auto companies will be looking to the gummint for bailouts because no one will want to buy or be able to afford their cars.

Also, where is the electricity gonna come from to power all of these cars? There aren’t enough windmills or solar panels to provide all of the elctricity to power these cars after all of the fossil fuel and nuke plants are shut down.

Of course, that’s part of the plan. Get us out of our cars and into mass transit. As far as trips across the country there will be all of that wonderful high speed rail from the green nude eel.

Didja know that one in five of electric car owners in California are junking them for gas powered vehicles. It only takes a few minutes to gas up a car. It can take hours to charge up an electric car.

Rat bastard commies don’t know much about economics. They know even less about energy.

Aren’t you * voters happy? No mean tweets.

24 comments on “Electric Cars

  1. They let dementia Joe drive an electric Jeep Rubicon around the White House property this afternoon. I betcha the dang thing was a remote control and Joe just had a pretend steering wheel in front of him.

  2. They’ve been at this for years:
    1. During the Carter admin, a Denver co. modified a Renault LeCar, calling it the “Lectric Leopard”. It used a DC motor in place of an engine, retained the rest of the drive train, gearshift, clutch, etc. It had 16 6-volt batteries in series for 96 volts to the motor. It had a 12-volt battery for lights and horn. I was driven for a test ride in it. It didn’t sell well, but I wish I had one as a collector’s item.
    2. When still employed at my elevator co., next door was the “Green Tech Automotive”, building cheap Chinese electric cars for use in Europe. Dim. Terry McAuliffe was a partner, and Bill Clinton came for its grand opening. Two cars were placed on display platforms, but they weren’t driveable, and had to be manually lifted in place. They no longer occupy the building, although we used to watch them drive their cars around the property from the top of our elevator test tower.
    3. Here we go again…

  3. electric cars are essential… after the virus / vaccine purge is complete, the “fortunate ones” that remain will need all that crude oil for their toys. They need to stop all the doomed mouth-breathers from using up all the resources before the resources are exhausted. Change my mind.

  4. All designed to weaken us so China can come sauntering in here and take over.

    These traitors really think the CCP will treat them like princes once they take over. I’d love to watch it, but I’ll be busy hobbling 10 miles to stand in a bread line.

  5. IIRC, back around the turn of this century Kommiefornia said that a certain percentage of cars sold in the state had to be “green” but it didn’t happen.

  6. AOC is excited, too. She hear that there is a new Solar Cycle.

    She hear NASA is studying the new Solar Cycle. She wants one and told he staff to contact Harley Davidson to see about including them as mandatory in her New Green Deal!

  7. You can get a new Corvette at a base price of 60k that will go 200 mph. And they want me to pay 60k for something that replaces all that drivetrain with a battery and a couple electric motors? Not gonna happen. And the elecricity will end up costing more than gas.

  8. I know this is a stupid question, but how can Biden issue an order outlawing cars? Seems I went to sleep with a republic and woke with a dictatorship.

  9. Electric cars or trucks ain’t gonna cut up here in northern flyover country.
    When the wind is howling and it’s -20 degrees outside what’s the range of an electric vehicle going to be with the heater running full bore. I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘not far enough’. I’m not against electric vehicles but they have their place and the dead of winter 50 miles from the nearest charging station aint it.

  10. I agree with where is the electric power going to come from, the charging takes to long and the President of a capitalist country should not be telling vehicle company’s what to manufacture. I actually think by forcing electric vehicles, it will stifle advancement.

    That all being said, we bought a Rav4 Prime, a plug in hybrid. It gets about 40 to 50 mile range per charge, and around 450 miles on a tank of gas, to give it about a 500 mile range. Using electricity it’s about a dollar cheaper per 35 miles versus gas. It’s technically the fastest production vehicle that Toyota makes by themselves, the Supra is built with BMW. This is the best of both words currently, can save money on fuel and maintenance on the day to day 20 to 30 miles, and use gas for the longer travels.

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