The French Are Pissed!

Oh noes! The French are mad at us. It seems the Aussies would rather buy nuclear subs from us than diesel subs from the French. Why would anyone want to use diesel subs anyway? The downside to all of this is that the Aussies won’t get the nuke subs until 2040. The way things are going in Australia they won’t need them by then. We have President * destroying our country and they have their leaders destroying their country with their ridiculous Kung Flu lockdowns.

The French will show us.

France will update its travel guidance to include bans for travelers from the United States and Israel without a COVID-19 vaccination.

Citing an European Union recommendation for member states to impose stricter entry requirements, France moved several nations from the Green to Orange list status, which restricts nonessential travel by unvaccinated individuals.

Wait a minute? Are there any people in Israel who are not vaccinated? Israel has one of the highest vax rates in the world. Coincidentally it also has one of the highest infection rates in the world. It ain’t the unvaccinated people who are the problem.

Meanwhile, it looks like one of the best ways to fight the Kung Flu is to attend football games in the South. Clay Travis has been all over this.

It’s way past time to start treating this as the flu and stop the insane lockdowns and mask theater. The only people at risk are geezers and those with underlying health issues. Forcing kids to wear masks is bullshit.

Oh. Fuck the French. And Fauci!

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  1. I have mixed feelings about the sports events. On one hand, it’s great to see the normal, cheering crowds…especially when the chant goes up of “F— Joe Biden!” (and, I would add, “…and the Kamal he rode in on!”). On the other hand, with the wokening and black anthem and knee-grows, I’d rather nobody show up. I don’t suppose we can adopt “F— Joe Biden!” as the anthem for the rest of us? (BTW, it has been observed ironically that the “vaccine passports” are a fine way to keep blacks out of your establishment, because the highest percentage of the unvaccinated is not the MAGA crowd but blacks.)

  2. Ah, we’ve been overdue for some French-bashing, sir. Them Frogs know that if’n they could sell and deliver smog boats quickly there’d be time for those to wear out and sink so they could sell a second round of subs by the time ours were ready in 2040.

  3. Diesel subs are very scary. They run off batteries when submerged and are much quieter than nukes, thus they’re *very difficult to detect before they attack. The only saving grace is they can’t run submerged for too long.

    • And diesel subs operate in littoral waters, which are noisier than blue waters that nukes normally operate in.
      Just ask any U.S. Navy AW.

  4. On a different note … the Oregon Health Authority issued guidance yesterday on tonsil hockey – if you’re both vaccinated, it OK to do so. I swear to God I’m not making this sh**up … 🤨!

  5. The Frogs should not be restricting any tourists since at least Paris is now basically under the control of African Islamists. Probably more dangerous than visting Chitcagahole, Murderapolis, Detroilet, or San Franfreakshow.

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