The Masks Slippeth

Have you gone through the drive-thru at your local fast food joints lately? The last time I hit my local McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s the people who handed me my food had their masks below their noses. I guess they’re getting tired of the bullshit and want to breathe.

I’ve seen the masks slipping with the people helping me take out my groceries at my local Publix.

Same thing has happened with some of the checkout people at my local Fresh Market.

People are getting tired of the Kung Flu and the Kabuki Theater associated with it.

Take the vaccine. First it was 95% effective. Then 90%. Then 80%. I’ve seen 70% thrown out there.

People who have been fully vaccinated are dying. The latest is fake Republican Colin Powell. True, he was 84 years old which is a bad age to be hit with the Kung Flu, but the family said he was fully vaccinated. How the Fake News Media allowed this story to get out is beyond me.

The masks are slipping.

Gummint employees are balking at getting jabbed. Cops in the murder capital of the US, Chicongo, are telling Lori Lightweight to stick the jab up her fat ass. Chicongo is on a record pace for murders. It should pass 700 this month. With all of the cops she’s gonna fire, it’s gonna get worse. Chicongo is about to get it gooder and harder.

It’s not the only city.

Looks like the left is about to see what defund the police really looks like.

The masks are slipping.

I once wrote that in five years we would see lawyers on TV advertising lawsuits against Big Pharma over the vax. The gummint has made them immune from lawsuits, so guess who’s gonna get sued? The companies that forced their employees to get the jab. Hello IBM. Hello Southwest Airlines. The gummint is not forcing you to have these employee mandates. *’s executive order is not a law. Congress has to pass a law. The OSHA threat is just a threat. Nothing has been implemented yet. You CEO’s are cowards and will pay in the future. So will you blue state and municipal gummints.

The masks are slipping.

People are wising up and walkouts are beginning. We’re in a recession and * and company are making it worse. From Afghanistan, to the border, to the debacle in Mexifornia with the container ships backed up, to the handling of Kung Flu we’ve seen that this administration is even more incompetent than the Carter Administration. Jen Pcircle and her note takers in the White House Press Corps are doing their best to put a shine on this turd, but it gets harder and harder every day.

The masks are slipping.

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  1. The gunfights over Christmas shopping, because Junior won’t get his prized toy and think Mom and Pop are turds, have not really begun yet. My wife and I are retired and do not go anywhere on Black Friday.

  2. Things are going to get much worse in Chicago. The mayor may very will fire police officers as well as the ones that are taking early retirement. Next year will be the worst its ever been. There will be a a vey bad shortage of Police in Chicago. Yes Denny the masks are slipping, in more ways than one. You got that right. We are truly seeing the lefts colors and this administrations colors.

  3. If a fast joint won’t let me go inside and order, eat, and refill my drink. I will not go in. Screw them I will never grace their establishment ever again. Think of the money they have earned from day one of covid. The only place opened to buy food, All other establishments had to close . Customers are not allowed to refill their drinks, can service hundreds with a reduced workforce. No one to empty trash, Or wipe off tables. When Other eating establishments opened for inside seating Mickey’s Dees refused.

  4. The Carter Administration may have been incompetent , but they never tried to destroy America like BO and BO redux ( AKA Slow Joe ) .

  5. There was a festival on the square in the nearby town where I live. Hundreds of people were there and in the crowd I saw maybe 4 or 5 individuals wearing masks.

    On another thought.Was reading an article about the 1918 influenza epidemic that made the proposal the influenza was caused by microbes and not a virus. If this is true, which it probably is, then there is no Corona virus and the so called vaccine is actually a dangerous thing to have in your body. Also in the article there was information that the microbes were a strain of Tuberculosis. Read about this on

    • I need to wear the mask outside, at least that’s what I believe is recommended by the CDC. That being said, was not a fan of a big crowds of folks before COVID, and even less so now.

      Also, masks were slipping long time ago, when this first started, I asked many people if they didn’t breathe from their nose.

      The whole problem has been ass hats from both sides. The right bitching that their freedoms are being taken away by being asked to wear a mask and help prevent the spread of this shit. The left telling everyone what to do and not following themselves.

      This COVID shit just helped divide the US more. Showed how we are a country of “I”s and not “us”

      • Bill – Masks don’t work. It’s Kabuki theater. Have you noticed the large crowds of unmasked people at football games? St. Fauci said these would be superspreader events. Wrong again. The Kung Flu is down in the South, especially Florida which has no mask mandate. Meanwhile, in your state it is up.

  6. I never thought I’d defend Jimmy Carter, but the policies of Johnson, Nixon, and Ford caught up with him. He wasn’t really able to deal with them, but rather than appoint a Black, Jewish, Lesbian Dwarf with a Spanish surname who wears a chest feeding rig to head the Fed, he appointed Paul Volker who was competent. He at least deserves credit for that.

  7. Yes, I’ve seen a LOT of people with the mask below the nose. One particularly absurd example is the video clip from Australia, where the officer who arrests a woman for leaving her home is shown to have his schnoz uncovered. As for the ongoing mandates…I don’t know what to do except roll my eyes. What drives this madness? The people pushing it seem psychologically unable to admit they’re making a mistake, so they just double down, as if crushing people is the answer. This isn’t about health, this is about proving their dick is larger than yours. Okay, I guess we’ve got to have a civil war over this, and that’s a damn shame.

  8. There will be no deaths or injuries caused by the vaccine.
    Just as the government coerced hospitals & medical examiner’s to blame unrelated deaths on covid, it will order them to blame injuries & deaths caused by the vaccine on other ficticios causes.

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