AOTW 12-31-2021

I’m giving it to President *. Look at all he’s accomplished in his first year in office. We went from being energy independent to once again relying on OPEC for oil. As a result, gas prices have skyrocketed. Thanks Biden voters.

Supply chain issues have resulted in empty shelves in supermarkets. Thanks Biden voters.

Inflation is at a 50 year high. Thanks Biden voters.

And now, after campaigning on “shutting down” the Kung Flu “and not the country”, and shutting down the country and not the Kung Flu, he just admitted that there is nothing the federal gummint can do and it’s up to the states. Thanks Biden voters.

It’s amazing how much damage this nitwit has done to the country in one year and we still have three more to go.

We’re doomed! Thanks Biden voters.

Here’s your award Joe, you colossal asshole..