The Karen telling the dude to mask up doesn’t have her mask on.

Her name is Patricia Cornwall and she was taken into custody by the FBI. Since she’s obviously a liberal Dimocrat she will prolly get off with a slap on the wrist. The FBI might even give her a medal.

Flying sure has turned into a pain in the ass. It sucked before the pandemic but now it is even worse. I drove out to Colorado when I was still skiing because flying sucked.

This bullshit occurred on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta. It’s too short of a flight to have to put up with this crap. She should have been duct taped to her seat with a strip of duct tape over her mouth.

13 comments on “Irony

  1. I have lost all sympathy for the airline industry. On a flight in June 2019, I was told to shut my window right after takeoff. I asked why, and was told so people could sleep. That was the first time ever my ticket price didn’t include having the window the way I wanted. The attitude of the stewardess (I refuse to say Flight Attendant because they do exactly what a ship’s steward does.) was telling me not to argue, so I decided FUC’M, I would never fly again for a pleasure trip. They have become martinets who try to make everything about “safety”.

  2. Arrogant entitled elitist lib California bitch that just lost her marriage and real estate business. Now she has to live in Florida and start over. DeSantis should cancel her real estate license.

  3. After flying for business for many years and a million miles, I’m glad I’m retired and don’t have to fly. People were idiots back then…even in 1st class.

  4. Don’t care who it is, if you strike me it’s game on and you will enjoy a broken nose and 2 crushed eye orbits. People don’t realize that if you assault someone, you will suffer an overwhelming and disproportionate response.

  5. So found out today she was a failed actress and former playboy model. Tried googling some pictures to see if there any nudes and couldn’t find any. However, I clicked on a link (damn me) that took me to Google News (didn’t know there was such a thing). The writer (reporter wouldn’t qualify as descriptive) basically blasted the old dude for being foul mouthed trouble maker and harped more on him, than on the bitch that started this whole shit show.

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