The Supreme Court

So Breyer is retiring from he Supremes and right on schedule * sez he’s gonna replace him with a black lady, ’cause that worked so well with his VP selection.

So who is he gonna pick? The Babylon Bee has a list.

Of course there are other names being thrown out there.

Kamala Harris. That would solve the problem on how to get rid of her as VP.

Moochelle. Are you kidding? Why would Moochelle want to work for living.

Abrams Tank. Of course she would have to give up her job as Georgia’s governor.

Kim Foxx. Bring her soft on crime views to the Supreme Court.

Howza ’bout Lori Lightweight? That would get her away from her disastrous policies in Chicongo.

There are gobs and gobs of incompetent people to choose from and rest assured * will prolly find the most incompetent one.