I’m Back

You might have noticed that I missed two days worth of posting or maybe not. Anyhoo, you can thank AT&T and the construction going on outside my subdivision.

They’re in the process of constructing a 12 foot wide multiuse trail along the street outside of my subdivision. As part of this, they need to move all the utilities from one side of the street to the other. I don’t know if this is why AT&T went down, or if one of the backhoes cut the fiber.

So, on Tuesday, evening, I decided to log on and post the Joke Of The Week. Oooops! No internet. Also no phone or TV. I decided to do all of the stuff AT&T would have me do before I called them. Reboot the internet gateway. Done. Reboot the fiber box in the garage. Done. Now to call AT&T. Got a robot. I’ll call him Fred.

Fred: How can I help you?

Me: My internet is down.

Clicking noises.

Fred: Your internet is down. Is that correct?

Me: Yep.

Clicking noises.

Fred: I can help you. What is your account number or the phone number connected to this account.

Me: xxx.xxx.xxxx

Clicking noises.

Fred: Your number is xxx.xxx.xxxx. Is that correct?

Me: Yep.

Clicking noises.

Fred: Let me run some tests.

Clicking noises.

Fred: It appears there is an outage in your area and our technicians are working on it. Would you like a text when it is fixed?

Me: Yep.

Clicking noises.

Fred: What is your cellphone number. Be aware that charges may apply.

Me: xxx.xxx.xxxx

Clicking noises.

Fred: Your number is xxx.xxx.xxxx. Is that correct.

Me: That’s correct.

clicking noises.

Fred: We’ll text you when the repairs are complete. You can also go to att.com/outages to see the status of outages in your area.

You would think that if the technicians were working on my outage I would see an AT&T truck around. Nope! None in sight.

None in sight all day Wednesday. Must be phantom technicians.

I had a doctor’s appointment this AM and what did I see outside my subdivision? Multiple AT&T trucks.

Around 2:00 PM I’m reading and all of a sudden my phone rings. Hallelujah! It’s fixed.

It was a telemarketer. I didn’t answer.

I’m still waiting for my text from AT&T telling me that everything is fixed. I’m disappointed in you Fred.

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  1. Welcome back, Denny. At our home, we have an AT&T landline / DSL internet bundle. It’s not as fast as Xfinity, but Comcast by any other name is still Comcast, and life is too short to deal with them in any way. They left a temporary cable repair unburied in my yard for two years.
    Our AT&T has been quite reliable over the long haul, but outages can occur. The last one occurred when a third-party company with a backhoe cut the AT&T fiber while putting in fiber for another company. I always hate seeing the buried cable color lines or flags in my yard. The most dangerous one for some bozo to hit is the underground electrical feeder (13,800 volts).

  2. AT&T Huh? I have a scoop for you and all of your loyal followers about AT& T’s reliability. About a year ago we bought 3 AT&T Commie Chinese made land line telephones (Model EL52306) for our house after our old, 15+ year old, and previously very reliable, non Commie Chinese made UNIDEN telephones started going bad. Then our problems started. After EVERY phone call, answered, blocked or ignored without leaving a voice mail, we get a notice that we have a “New Voice Mail” which dominates the viewing screen until we unplug the telephone system for a minute or so. We also have random AT&T phone outages that don’t effect the 2 old UNIDEN phones that remain. Temporarily disconnecting the 2 UNIDEN phones from the network does not effect AT&T’s reliability.

    Then, there is the unreliability of AT&T’s mini cable networks (Either DIRECT-TV or DISH NETWORK, I can’t remember which, we’ve had both)

    In conclusion, I avoid anything that says AT&T and the COMMIE CHINESE WAL-MART they come from. (I don’t believe that I have returned to a WAL-MART but once or twice in over a year.

  3. PS…Did “Fred” have an Asian or Indian accent? I’m not being racist. It’s just that whenever I make service calls, the representative should probably spell their name “Hung Lo” or “Indira.”

  4. “It was a telemarketer.” Figures.

    I had AT&T for many years…way too many years. I was just too lazy to make the change. Moved to a small town with zero AT&T coverage so I switched over to the more expensive Verizon, but at least (for once) I’m getting the coverage I pay for.

  5. FWIW, for my landline I’ve got an AT&T phone with the “smart call blocker” feature, and it’s actually 99% effective at blocking robocalls. If the incoming call isn’t on the “friend list”, it challenges the caller to hit the # key (and, if you set the option, state his name) if he’s not a solicitor and wants to ring through; otherwise it hangs up. It’s one of my best purchases. Plenty of phones have a “call blocker” feature that lets you manually block, but this is the “smart call blocker”.

  6. Before I retired as a Village Administrator I worked with a number of utilities on their construction projects and ours. AT&T sucks ditch water.

    Not only are they sloppy and unresponsive, they are arrogant pricks. This little berg has a population of 4,300 but over 6,400 jobs. We play a lot bigger than we look. I was approached by two of our major manufacturers, 2,500 and 800 jobs, in 2009 to see if the Village could help with getting better cell service in town. They were starting to use tablets for training with AT&T as the provider and AT&T’s signal sucks in town.

    I contacted their VP in charge of new tower construction and offered him FREE space on our water tower to mount equipment and free space on the ground to install the needed support equipment. He laughed and said we have higher priorities than your little town.

    Four years later Verizon contacted us and asked if we could recommend a good spot for a 5G tower that would be controversial. I called an executive session of Council, got their promised support, offered them a half acre on our Street Department’s location, received a 20 year lease offer from them, passed the necessary legislation, and signed the lease all in less than 4 weeks. F**k AT&T.

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