Shortages In The Candy Aisle

Now this bullshit is really hitting close to home. Fortunately, even though the cat food shelves are almost empty of the particular canned food I get for my critters, I’ve managed to score enough when it’s available to keep my varmints happy.

But what about me?

Publix has been out of Snickers fun size bars for over a month. All they have in stock is the mini size.

Now this really sucks and I blame President * and the Dimocrats.

What is this? The Soviet Union?

I’ve never seen empty shelves in the candy aisle before.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution. Just as my sister pointed out that Amazon has the kitty food I like, I discovered that Amazon has Snickers fun size in stock. I just ordered some.

They need to fix this before Halloween but with the clowns running the gummint I’m not very optimistic.

I hope all of you Biden voters are happy.

Fuck you!