Good and hard.

If you thought the soaring gas prices couldn’t go any higher, just wait a few hours.

The unprecedented rising fuel costs keep going up to eyebrow-raising levels in Massachusetts, as AAA on Monday reported that the average for regular gas had jumped to $4.60. That record high for regular gas in the Bay State is 21 cents up from last week.

“It’s been a new record every day,” Mark Schieldrop of AAA Northeast told the Herald on Monday. “This is as bad as it’s ever been.

Yet the booger eatin’ moh-rons who live in Taxachusetts will continue voting for the party that has given them the high gas prices. I’m sure they’ll listen to and believe President * who blames the high prices on Putin. Or they’ll believe Chief Sitting Bullshit who blames “greedy oil companies”.

Well, you peckerheads voted for these people and the policies that have caused the pain at the pump. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer along with you.

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  1. Look a Chevron’s profits the first quarter of this year compared to their average, it’s like 5 times as much as previous quarters.

  2. Yeah it sucks bigly up here in Mass. Costs over $100 to fill up my work van. My company started adding a fuel surcharge to our hourly rate . Like a lot of blue states the more populous are from Worcester to Boston is nice and blue. The western half is far more conservative.

  3. The problem is that these Massholes then move south to Florida and other sane states and then proceed to fuck them up with their stupidity as well. I’ve said many times, if you want to live in communism, stay the hell where you are. Same with the people from south of the border.

  4. It’s hard to believe that the people of Massachusetts once armed themselves and threw off the yoke of oppression by taking up arms in 1775 and campaigned for abolition in the 1800s. Today the eastern end of the state is filled with lick spiddlals and toadies of statist government.

    The eastern end of the state with its bluer than blue statists deserve to get it good and hard because that is what they voted for. Just look at their decades long infatuation of the Kennedy Klan and their current leadership of Liar Watha and COmmissar Markey.

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