AOTW 6-17-2022

This week I’m giving it to President *. He created the rise in gas prices and now he’s blaming it on Putin and greedy oil companies. He demands that they do sumpin’. Nothing they can do with the gummint on their backs. His token press secretary claims that if they were patriots they would fix the problem. Once again, they can’t fix a problem that the Dimocrats created. You wanna fix the problem? Kick all the Dimocrats out of office and make Trump president again. As long as * is president and the Dims control Congress things will continue to get worse.


10 comments on “AOTW 6-17-2022

  1. Even If Trump were to come back he would be hard pressed to reverse the damage Biden and the green at all cost crew inflicted on the energy industry.

  2. Addendum to your statement: make sure you get the Rinos, too. And Trump could most certainly fix the problem.

  3. You have the 22 dems that voted against providing protection for the SCJs but had no issue voting for or asking for more money for their protection after Jan 6, 2021

  4. When will people snap the hell out of it and realize Democrats are grinning, stroking their chins and wringing their velvety hands over the thought of what they can do to a broken hapless populace when they present their
    “better idea for you”
    If Democrat politicians weren’t veritably orgasmic over all this tactfully generated angst, despair, bewilderment and depression they would do something anything to change and alleviate the orchestrated misery.

    Simply put, any friend, coworker, neighbor or relative you may have that has and still would cast their vote for ANY Democrat politician is the ultimate root cause for EVERY problem everyone is contending with right now and their stupidity is the enemy of America and beyond.

  5. Here in Georgia, for the Governor’s race, the socialists are following that old rule “Tell a lie often enough and soon they will start believing it”. Stacy Abrams supporters are running the one saying Brian Kemp is taking Georgia backwards. Not a word is true and they are running this ad 24/7 with months to go before the election. It has been running on every channel multiple times per hour and has become truly sickening.

  6. I’ve lately taken to mentioning “this is what everybody voted for” in stores and getting gas. Funny nobody will admit to voting for him. Well okay there is one dude but his thing is “well it is complicated, a lot more than just biden”.

  7. “His token press secretary claims that if they were patriots they would fix the problem.”
    In other words she is saying that by creating the problem * is unpatriotic.

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