Nine Years

I got me a big ol’ schadenboner. Why? Brittney Griner just got sentenced to nine years in a Russian penal colony. I wonder where the penal colony is? Maybe Siberia. I hear it’s nice in the winter. And she doesn’t have to worry about getting prison tattoos since she’s already covered in tatts. She’ll fit right in. Better start learning some Russian.

Of course, there is no way that she’ll serve nine years. We’ll exchange a Russian prisoner or two for her. Speculation is it will be a Russian arms dealer that we have in prison. Yeah. That’s a good trade. A Russian arms dealer for someone who hates her country.

She bitched that she was not apprised of her rights. Brittney, this is Russia. You’re an American. You have no rights in Russia.

I vacationed in Russia back in the 90’s. Took a riverboat from Moscow through rivers, lakes, and canals to St. Petersburg. Had a good time. Liked the people but was appalled at what Communism had done to the country. I’m appalled at what the Dimocrats are doing to this country. Russia has political prisoners and we do too. It is disgusting what is being done to the Jan 6 prisoners and the Republicans are not doing anything about it.

As I have written many times, we are heading towards a socialist dictatorship. We are witnessing the beginnings of it now. We have a state controlled media just like they have in Russia. We have political prisoners just like they have in Russia.

When Griner returns to the country she hates, she will be returning to a country just like the one she was imprisoned in.

Maybe when the rat bastard commies take over they can replace our national anthem with the Russian national anthem. Maybe Griner will stand for that one.