AOTW 1-24-2014

Well, well, well. Here we have another feminist “icon” in Wendy Davis, the woman in Texas who is running for governor as a Dimocrat. A single mother. She pulled herself out of the trailer park and got herself a law degree from Harvard. What an inspiring story! Too bad it’s bullshit! She married some dude who took care of her kid and sent her to law school. And then, on the day it was all paid for she left him. She also left him her daughter as well. There’s some feminist bullshit right there.

Yep! Just like the other feminist “icon”, Thunder Rodent Thighs, she required a man to get her to where she is now. And then she came out with the bullshit of saying that her opponent needed to walk in her shoes. Too bad her opponent is a paraplegic who can’t walk. How insensitive! Her campaign staff even mocks her opponent for being a cripple. As a cripple myself, I find that offensive. There’s another name that fits Wendy Davis. Doosh-bag as my friend Erica would say. Wendy is also a major league asshole. Here’s your award you fake feminist!


4 comments on “AOTW 1-24-2014

  1. A one trick pony, and a cheap trick at that. Another Obamaesque politician with no serious legislative or management experience with a ghost written bio. She is the worst kind lair and charlatan. She whores herself out to a rich man 14 years her senior and abandons her children as soon as she no longer needs his financial backing. He is forced to sell on of the biggest most profitable real estate companies in Texas and give her half of the proceeds.Hell she can’t even use the “Blond Excuse” as she is a brunette whose hair color come from a bottle. She is the perfect democratic candidate, a complete and utter fake.

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