AOTW 1-17-2020

I’m giving it to Speaker Blinky. Didja see that she had special souvenir pens made just for her impeachment signing? She should have had T-shirts made as well. I voted for impeachment and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. “Moderate” Dimocrats followed her into this impeachment bullshit and now they’re gonna lose their seats just like the “moderate” Dimocrats who voted for Obummercare. What an evil despicable old hag she is. She’s also an asshole.


On The Warpath

Oh noes! Chief Sitting Bullshit is on the warpath. She said that Bernie Sanders said she spoke with forked tongue.


“I think you called me a liar on national TV.”

His response should have been, “That’s OK. We were on CNN so no one saw it.”

More people will prolly see this on YouTube than those who saw it on CNN.

This is funny because this whole thing was a setup to get Bernie. CNN is worried that Bernie is getting too popular and is working with Chief Sitting Bullshit to take him out. Don’t think so? From the debate.

CNN: “Sen. Sanders, I do want to be clear here, you’re saying that you never told senator Warren that a woman could not win the election?”

SANDERS: “That is correct.”

CNN: “Sen. Warren, what did you think when senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?”

So CNN just called Bernie a liar on national TV airport TVs all over the country.

So you don’t beat your wife?


Senator Warren what do you think of Senator Sanders beating his wife?

Of course Bernie should have said, “I didn’t say a woman couldn’t be president. I said a fake Indian woman couldn’t be president.”

If Chief Sitting Bullshit got this upset at Bernie “calling her a liar on national TV” she better hope she doesn’t have to debate Trump. He’ll reduce her to tears.

This is freaking comedy gold. A fake Indian socialist and a geriatric socialist going at it. Add to the mix a doddering old fool, a female senator no one outside of Minnesota has ever heard of, a gay dude, and a couple of billionaires trying to buy the nomination and you have to say, “Is this the best the Dimocrats can come up with?”

Sad to say, it is.

Ronsday – Rant

Ron rants.

Not in a partic’larly good frame of mind this mornin. Windy & rainy, and that usually energizes me, but Dawg and I went out in it for a while and I came back ticked off about somethin . . . not sure what.

Hungry, so I ate a cinnamon bagel with strawberry goo on it. Didn’t help. Still hungry. A chunk of marinated b-b-qed pig’s ass didn’t help much either. Coffee’s just givin me a fuzzgut.

Oh, well . . . might as well roll with it. Disgusted with Congress and the entrenched dipwads in it . . . and even MORE concerned with some of the newer members, such as “The Squad,” Swallwell, Murkowski, and so on.

Best I can sum it up with is this — If all the idiots from all the villages in the entire world got together to form their own special village, they’d name it “Congress” and Nancy Pelosi would be its idiot.

Everything she does, every action, every decision, every bit of energy she puts out is designed for one purpose only – and it’s NOT for “the American people” – it’s for sabotaging DJT’s reelection chances. Period.

She’s a stumbling, bumbling, mumbling, drunken, past-her-expiration-date rebel without a cause. The Foster Brooks of the House. The embodiment of Resistance Without A Reason.

Even more troubling is that a recent survey strongly indicates that a growing percentage (nearing 40%) of younger people in the US actually want either a communist or a poofter driving their clown car. Oh, yeah . . . that’s JUST what we need.

Now I’m not partic’larly good at predicting election outcomes. I mean, I never figured there was any WAY a half-black junior senator with absolutely NO experience in management of anything could ever be elected PotUS – TWICE!!

And now, even after his disastrous 8-year tenure, he’s still revered as a wise and effective leader whom many would have as PotUS-for-life. The SOB is as famous and popular globally as bin Laden and Che Guevara.

The absolutely worst-case scenario would be for the economy to tank, Bernie to get the Dem nod, and we get a delusional communist running the show with a Dem majority in both houses of Congress. And though I doubt it’ll happen, it COULD!

America has become a lazy, bloated, self-indulgent, materialistic, eye-candy junkie with terminal diabetes caused by addiction to sugary drinks and a cirrhotic liver from harsh chemicals ingested over a lifetime.

Liberals and sissies are feeding on his flesh from the core outward while conservatives and traditionalists try to revive him with CPR-like patriotic exercises and temporarily deceptive legislative stimulants.

Do we still have tough guys, patriots, hard workers, great students? Sure. Pro’bly as many as we ever had. But that’s the problem – their overall percentage of the population is shrinking because the twerps and tweeks are growing.

Yep! The flesh-eaters and maggots have begun to outnumber the revivalists, making their efforts as useful as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a storefront manikin. And I think we’re screwed.

Hell, PC has gone so far that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is verboten these days. Well, if that’s the case, I’d say “White Christmas” will be on the chopping block next season. Jeeez, I’m s’prised they haven’t banned the word “woodpecker” as obscene and offensive.

And quid pro quo – what’s the damned problem? Isn’t Santa’s requirement for kids to be nice a classic quid pro quo? And what about having to accept Jesus as your personal savior as the entrance requirement for eternity in Paradise?

Yeah, unless we can unseat the Pelosis and Schumers and Sanderses and Warrens, it’s all over. Trump’s just a temporary speed bump. If he signed into law a bill banning torture or cruelty to animals in any form, Pelosi and Schumer and Schiff and a trainload of others would have to openly support animal cruelty.

George Carlin summed up our government this way: No matter what you want to accomplish, no matter how hard you work at it, you’re doomed to failure. It’s all fixed, rigged, planned by an elite club which you’ll never be a member of.

Term limits. And NO GOLDEN PARACHUTES for Congress. And make ‘em use the same health-care system they laid on all the rest of us. And lock a few of ‘em up now and then in stocks and pillories for lying, cheating, and hypocrisy. And decommission the US Department of Butthurt.

O.K. Rant over. And there’s a virgin chocolate cake on the table just beggin to be attacked.


Ho hum. Another Dimocrat debate. How many has this been? At least now they’ve whittled the pack down a bit.

Let’s see. One fake Indian, one crazy, cranky old man, one senile old man, a senator from Minnesota that no one has heard of, and two other dudes with no chance of winning the nomination.

Of course, many Dimocrats and the Fake News Media are appalled at the lack of Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) in the lineup. By Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) they mean Africans. No Spartacus. No Horizontal Harris. The DNC is made up of racists. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chief Sitting Bullshit leaked that crazy old Bernie told her a woman could not win the election. That means Bernie is a sexist! Oh noes!

So maybe they’ll be some fireworks between Lizzie and Bernie. I won’t know until tomorrow because I don’t watch these “debates”. Anyway, all that they’ll talk about is all of the “free” stuff they’re gonna give us and Orange Man bad.

Ratings are gonna be great for this one.

Satire Of The Day

Too lazy to do an original post and I’m getting psyched for LSU versus Clemson. After an easy schedule in the ACC – which isn’t Clemson’s fault since the league sucks since FSU and Miami are no longer any good – Clemson proved it was for real by defeating Ohio State. I remember a previous Clemson- OSU game where Woody Hayes punched out a Clemson defensive back who had just intercepted a pass and was running down the sideline. Got Woody fired.

This should be a good game with two high powered offenses.

They’ve almost finished up the work in my house. Yippee! My black cat can come out from under the sofa in my library. How he can get under that is beyond me. He was safely hiding under the bed until the dude fired up the compressor for the nail gun and then he streaked into the library and wormed his way under the sofa.

Anyhoo, from the Genesius Times

Democrat Cory Booker dropped out of the presidential race Monday, ending a campaign whose message of “being the black guy” failed to resonate in a Democratic party that’s clearly racist.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has stated, “With Booker out, I’m the last minority in the race.”

Warren, who has grabbed headlines for promising trillions of dollars in other people’s money to minorities in order to buy their votes, is ecstatic to be alone in the race against white people.

“Democrats have kicked out the Latinos Beto and Castro, the Wakandan-American Kamala Harris, and now Cory Booker. It’s clear that if we don’t nominate Warren, we are more racist than Trump fans,” Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez said on condition of anonymity.

Everyone in the country has forgotten that Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick, who claims to be African American is still running.

“I’m still running, guys!” Patrick said. “And I’m black!”

Wait! Duval Patrick is running? Who knew? And who even knows who Duval Patrick is?

AOTW 1-10-2020

You can’t make this shit up. The Dimocrat Party and the Fake News Media have gone bat shit crazy. Assholes! All of them from Speaker Blinky on down. They’re mourning the death of a terrorist who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans. They have sided with a country that has been at war with us for forty years. How do they live with themselves? I mean I can understand Idiot Omar and Rancida Tlaib since they aren’t real Americans and shouldn’t even be in this country, but the others? And the Fake News Media gets upset when Trump calls them the enemy of the people. The Fake News Media is the enemy of the people.

How does one pick out an asshole from among all of these assholes?

I think I will go with Mayor Pete Buttfudge. He blames Trump for the Iranians shooting down the Ukrainian airliner. What an asshole!