AOTW 11-20-2020

Governor Grinch, Gavin Newsom, gets another award. While he’s limiting gatherings of the peons, he broke bread with some lobbyists at the fancy French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley. Rules are for the little people dontcha know. Story here.


Cynthia McCommie

All right. Now we are living in some Bizarro Land where Cynthia McCommie is the voice of reason. Yes Cynthia McCommie. You remember her. Beautiful Dunwoody was in her district when she was a Congresscritter. She lost her seat to Denise Majette when she became a 9/11 Truther.

She won her seat back when Majette said God told her to run for the Senate proving that God has a sense of humor. Then Cindy clobbered a Capitol cop with her cellphone and lost her seat to Hank “Guam is gonna tip over” Johnson.

Fortunately, Beautiful Dunwoody was removed from that district, but since then Beautiful Dunwoody has been invaded by Dimocrats.

Anyhoo, I saw this Video at Bill Quick’s site

WTF happened? From whackadoodle to a voice of reason. 2020 is a really weird year indeed.

Ronsday – Election Aftermath

Ron rants.

Ron Did some rote work yesterday and today . . . pressure washed a coupla hundred square feet of paving stones and trimmed about a hundred feet of holly bushes.

Not rocket science, so the guys upstairs go off and do their thing in the hinterlands while the limbic boys are aimin the washer wand or tryin to keep the hedge level while the trimmer runs over it.

Refuse to watch any news, ANY talking heads, on ANY network, including Fox . . . don’t trust ‘em. Most of today’s “journalists” got their degree certificates in Cracker Jack boxes anyhow.

I’m tellin ya, guys, when 2020 is discussed in future, we’re gonna need stronger words than “FUCK!” and “Son-Of-A-Bitch!!” The question of the year is . . . what was washed more –- hands or brains??

No, that’s not exactly true . . . a better question would be – how the hell can Biden win when conservatives didn’t lose any races in the House? And How the Fletcher’s FOCK can any district, precinct, or county have more than 100% turnout for ANY candidate?

There’s simply NO WAY Biden could have outperformed senators in swing states but underperform them in heavily liberal states. Ya wanna know what I think happened? The same people who came up with the explanations for global warming and for handling the chinese gleep are the same ones who conducted the polls for the 2020 genelec.

The problem is . . . Automatic underdog elections … non-democrats have to overcome a built-in deficit of up to 25% before the ballot counting even begins.

Here’s what I think is gonna happen: Trump will continue to fight the corruption and fraud until it’s time for him to leave office, at which time he loses his control over official inquiries and funding.

He will raise hell until the final minute, then peacefully turn over the desk to his “successor” and leave. Then he’ll immediately establish something – donno what . . . maybe a radio talk show, or a new news network, or a 3rd party . . . somethin.

And a Biden presidency will be characterized by gridlock, infighting among left-wing factions, Constitutionally shakey EOs, and economic uncertainty.

Generally speaking, history tells us that when corrupt, greedy, lying, demented hypocrites accede to a nation’s highest power positions, either collapse or revolution will follow.

I really don’t see it all ending well. Kinda like what I felt like when the halfrican was elected – we’re doomed. But that’s what got Trump elected 4 years ago, and with Biden threatening to issue EOs to reverse all of DJT’s policies, rescind his tax cuts, resuscitate Obamacare, eliminate fossil fuels, raise taxes, and go green, could be we’ll get another boomerang next time.

In the meantime, congressional liberals need to organize a massive search for the long-lost credibility of democrats and the mainstream media. I mean . . . just as “planned parenthood” is the exact opposite of what having and raising children has always been about for millennia, the Democrat Party is in no way related to democracy.

What we need to stop and reverse is not global warming . . . not an epizootic with a 99.5% survival rate . . . not Orangeman bad — it’s global whining . . . systemic enfraudulation . . . and mandatory white shaming.


Across from Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, where I rehabbed is a sign that keeps track of the metro Atlanta population. I don’t know what it is now, but it is over six million. Many businesses moved to Atlanta and that attracted many people from up north. Heck, even in 1985, when I moved here most of the instructors at the IBM Education Center where I taught were from the North.

People came here from up North because of the weather. Companies moved here because of the airport. The state, Atlanta, and the suburbs gave tax breaks for companies to move here.

As more and more people moved here, Atlanta ceased to be a southern city. You hardly ever hear a southern accent in Atlanta. In short, Atlanta became Yankeefied.

Unfortunately, as all of these people moved here from up North they brought their voting habits with them. It’s just like the Californians who flee the shithole they helped create, take their voting habits with them.

Arizona has been Californicated. Georgia has been Yankeefied.

Couple that with a little (OK, a lot) of voter fraud, and that explains what happened in Arizona and Georgia this past election.


I guess Atlanta is Gone With the Wind.