French Army Knife

Haven’t had fun with the French in a while. Here is a French soldier’s most valuable tool. Thanks to AlphaDelta.

french army knife


5 comments on “French Army Knife

  1. You can find the same flag on Obama`s Presidential limousine as well as John”who served in Viet Nam” Kerry`s Secretary of State official car.

  2. Sacre bleu, monsieur, I shall have you know that the knife d’armie de Francais does have a blade! How else shall a person spread pate du pain, or buerre du baguette, or carve the camembert? But it is a safe blade, such that there cannot be a wound accidentally (which might then cause our brave soldier to report to the Aid Station many kilometres from the front line).

  3. And the French now say, going to war with out Oblamebush is like going fishing with out an accordion.
    So sad when dear reader makes the french look brave.

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