Saturday Boobage 3-28-2015

Another from my friend Pres.


10 comments on “Saturday Boobage 3-28-2015

  1. Well, well, well what do we have here? Half of a nice looking young tasty morsel I expect. And with an ecological rich backdrop of green, leafy foliage what more of a perfect picture could we cast our eyes upon early on a Saturday morning? Well we can start with seeing her presumably fantastic legs, but to my chagrin that’s not to be.

    And as a plus we have a young damsel with acceptable aureoles. They are, however, pushing the boundaries of anatomical perfection.

    I guess we’ll get on with a closer look at this fine woman and I suspect her rating will be on the high level.

    1) FACE: Her dingy, unkempt mousy brown hair starts her rating off on a low note. A proper shampoo, trimming the frayed ends and a little henna tint would work wonders since her face just glows with majestic sensuality. Natural blonde would be perfection, but alas we must work with what we have. Her sparkling eyes, perfectly upturned nose and slightly agape mouth ooze with sexually charged electricity. Yummie! She has my attention as my eyes roam South toward her jug junction. Rating: “A”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Enhanced? I checked with Dr. Finkelstein and he pondered the question for some time. Finally, with a glint in his eye, he declared her bazungas the real deal. Some women are genetically disposed to what would appear to the lay-person as manufactured. But not in this case. As I stated in my introductory paragraph, her aureoles are on the large size. But again they are certainly in proportion to her fine mammary masses. Yup, we have a nice specimen here. Rating: “A”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A”. And it’s a pleasure to award this rating to a nice lady.

    As with all my analyses I must emphasize that not a single lady can come near my darling DDP’s 5+ perfection. When the perfect combination of physical and psychological come into your life the sparks fly and the aura of the young lady hits you like a charging rhinoceros protecting her calf. DDP did exactly that to me and I am forever grateful.

    Now it’s time I don my Spandex shorts, 6-pack revealing half-T and X-Ray glasses. Then I’ll go forth and scour the neighborhood for a few lithe female joggers with bouncy knockers and long legs. It’s great exercise and I can ogle without the babes reaching for their iPhones and hitting the County Sheriff’s app.

  2. That expression looks like she’s about to make a presentation to a group of tax lawyers on a very arcane part of the revenue code.

    I didn’t hear a word she said.

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