Saturday Boobage 9-19-2015

Another one from AlphaDelta.


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23 comments on “Saturday Boobage 9-19-2015

  1. A little late but better late than never. I see A/D has sent us another babe wearing bazunga mega-veils. Her aureoles are about the same size as the main entry hatch cover on the International space station. Oh, will this display of obscenity and disrespect for proper female anatomy ever end? Ah, I spy some very alluring features that may offset the boob baggage, however. I got a date shortly with the local convenience shop owner. He’s renting me some space above the lady’s room and I have to check it out and locate a spot to drill the “eye-spy-in-the-sky peep-hole.

    1) FACE: Typical porn beauty. That hair looks like it was purchased at the local Dollar Store. After all Halloween is only 6 weeks away and the faux hair pieces are currently in abundance. Eyes and nose are her finer features. Transplant them to Justin Bieber’s mug and you’ll never tell the difference. OMFG, those bloated lips. How’d they get oversized? Plastic surgeon? Tootin on a Johnson? Munching carpets? Probably all of the above. Rating: “B-“.

    2) BOOBAGE: Au Naturale as I suspect and not bad either. The down side is her aureoles and that mole canker on the side of her left boob. Maybe her boy/girlfriend is blind and uses it as sort of a braille to locate the tit. Who knows, but it is distracting to one with 20/20 vision. Rating: “B”.

    3) TORSO: Ah ha. Finally we get to the creme de la creme of this damsel’s bod. Her mid-section is really nice. Slim, toned and the way it’s displayed makes me shiver in delight. This one part of the lady’s anatomy may put her in the “A” category. Perhaps it’s the juxtaposition of her 38-D boobs that enhances her tummy, but whatever the reason for such a fine display gets her a high rating. And that perfect “innie” that’s perfectly capable of holding the spilled seed of 20 virile tennage males without overflowing is the mark of a true porn star. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A”.

    Dang. My favorite season is on the brink of falling toward winter. Summer and the hot temperatures insure a nice lack of female clothing. Unfortunately, the cooler temperature about to descend on the area means the flesh displays will be at a minimum. That’s why I’m reserving my perch at the convenience store. Babes gotta drop the draws when they expel body waste thus revealing lots of skin.

    Oh, DDP is going to pick me up this coming Monday at the airport in her newly acquired Falcon F-7. I can’t wait to zip down the coast road at 110 mph on the way to our carnal retreat. As a present I bought DPP a nice 24 carat pair of nipple clamps shaped like the claws of a grizzly bear. She is an animal lover and calls me “huggy bear” whenever we’re about to reach the peak of Mount Climax. How sweet. I figure the nip clamps will enhance our experience in getting to the plateau.

    OK, off to see my nesting place for the winter. I’ll be setting up a spy-cam along side of the peep-hole so I may share some of the finer poop and pee action with ya’ll.

  2. First off – The admonition to, “Click on image to enlarge” is unnecessary – They’re quite large enough on their own. As a matter of fact, with this gal around it’s “toss out the pillows honey, I won’t be needing them!”

    Then – In spite of what Toejam thinks, you really don’t have to be blind and use braille to locate these tits. I’d suspect that the soft feel of and the aroma from her gigantic orbs would be enough – And then there’s always the warmth emanating off of those massive globes to attract any guy’s heat seeking missile – Blind or not.

    But – In defense of Toejam – I gotta’ agree with his 38-D assessment. Unless, she’s very petite. In that case, she’ll be stoop-shouldered by the time she’s in her mid-30’s.


    The boobs look real – But – The hair is fake – I’m sure the carpet won’t match the drapes.

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