Saturday Boobage 11-7-2015

Another one from Ray.


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11 comments on “Saturday Boobage 11-7-2015

  1. Another “Angry Aureole day. I should have guessed it was about to happen since the last few boobage babes bared barely big bozongas. I’m not complaining. I just being as fair in my analysis as CNN is of the Republican presidential nominee candidates.

    On close examination I see this lady has more than bloated chest mounds so it’s possible her rating might just break the “B+” barrier.

    Oh yea, what’s all this hyped up bullshit about the Star Wars movie? I only saw the original in 1977 and wasn’t too impressed but now the Liberal assholes in Hollywood have created a Negro, Lesbo fantasy that just typifies the dirt highway American is traveling. Friggin’ greedy and supposed Socialist douchebags are tossing out “trailer chum” to draw in the millions of ignorant fans. I’ll go to see this debacle the day that Vladimir Putin gets sworn in as America’s 45 president.

    I gotta get my aged ass in gear. It’s almost time to change my Depends. Heck it lasted half the night.

    1) FACE: Sort of an Angelina Jolie look-alike. Dark hair and angular shaped face. I’m not a Jolie fan except of course for her fine, long shapely legs. Unfortunately, I can’t see this babe’s gams so I’ll have to go with the upper extremities. Bloated lips coated with waxy cherry red lipstick make for a great blow job but appearance wise they are plain ole ugly. She may not be a porn petunia but I figure she does nude modeling. Rating: “B-“.

    2) BOOBAGE: Too bloody big although the “taps” appear to be ready to expel some high-fat vanilla milk. They are filled to the nipples with surgical silicon. And we all know that when the sacs are stretched to the max the aureoles are pulled out of shape and grossly exaggerated to a point where they’d make a rabidly hungry infant puke before putting his or her mouth near them. Of course that doesn’t deter horny heterosexual dudes. (HEH). Rating: “C+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “B”. And that’s stretching it.

    Another rainy day in the mountains will force me to spend a few hours glued to my Victoria’s Secret dressing room peep-hole. I could be doing some outdoor activities but at my age the damp weather bothers my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The warm perfume scented cubbyhole behind the constantly occupied dressing room at Victoria’s is much more suitable. Actually, I’m thinking of announcing that I identify as a 73 year old woman so I can enter that cubicle of lust and get my hands on the merchandise. Hell, that brat did it in Chicago and Obungler seems to approve, so why shouldn’t I take advantage of the warped Liberal agenda?

    DDP is far away and I do need my diversions. DDP is far and away my true love but when the Testosterone is high and the urge is compelling it’s any port in a storm. So hang in there DDP, I’ll be with you soon.

  2. If I wrote a poem to describe her breasts, it would fill volumes! She’s a beauty! Thanks, Denny. And Ray.
    If you prefer sniffing perfume & looking at scantily clad lingerie models instead of pondering the possibilities of this week’s offering, you might be a redneck! Or a cable guy.

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