Saturday Boobage 10-1-2016

This one is from AlphaDelta.


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13 comments on “Saturday Boobage 10-1-2016

  1. Her eyebrows, her “shoes”, and her presentation bespeak hooker. I’d rather have the more homespun type. That being said, her boobs are authentic. And so, since this is Boobage, she gets an A+++.

    • Wolfe, you must be a young fella. As you get older, you’ll appreciate “the sag”. It shows the “natural” nature of the wearer. I’ve seen some 50 year olds whose tits still stand at attention thanks to Dr. Silicone. No thanks. Very unnatural. I’m still undecided about this one, but I do think the sag is a somewhat sexy thing (but not in 25 year olds.).

  2. Porn star city alright. But that’s the way A/D rolls. I hear he has a box seat in a few Los Angeles porn studios equipped with popcorn and soda vending machines. Nice work if you can get it. On a few occasions he’s even helped “direct” certain scenes. He’s togged out in a silk open front shirt, knickers, high socks, an Andy Capp hat wields a megaphone and has a canvas backed chair with his “A/D” moniker embroidered on it. That’s his tribute to Buck Adams a former XXX award winning director.

    OK, I got off on a tangent so let’s get back on the straight and sinful narrow.

    1) FACE: Black hair a negative in a blonde world. But her face exhibits sharp well define and appealing features. Being a successful Porn babe requires the lady’s face come in right behind her bodacious tits and her short & curly devoid Mons in viewer appeal. She hits the mark, but I predict her mug will look similar to Lily Munster’s in a couple of decades, especially after taking dozens of “pecker snot shots” on the schnozzle. Rating: “B+”.

    2) TITS: Stuffed or not? That’s the million dollar question. They could go either way. My educated guess is natural. Her aureolae are unusual since they’re not the symmetrical round variety, but the ovate kind. That shape is not rare but does add a little ammo to the “surgically enhanced” theory Nips? We all know they lost the war in 1945. What can I say? Rating: “B”.

    3) LEGS: These beauties are gonna add points folks. Long comes to mind first. Then shapely, flawless and oh so sexy. From the Greater Trochanter area all the way down to the subtalar joints these limbs are absolutely fantastic. I could and maybe I will spend hours studying their lovely curves and perfect shape. Rating: “A+++”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A+”.

    Yup, despite this woman’s minor flaws her legs pulled her rating up to the triple + level. Nice.

    I’m seeing the first signs that summer is slipping away. I awoke to sub-50’s temperatures today. Fortunate here I the mountains as soon as the sun rises 45 degrees over the horizon the temperatures will hit the high 70’s. That’s still not warm enough for the local damsels to shed the required amount of garments however. So my weekend “sightseeing” will be limited to faces, tits and butts clad in Lycra and spandex as the babes jog around the local park. I really miss the hot steamy summer days when braless tits jingled under loose fitting tank tops and long loins were on display thanks to very skimpy shorts that would rival a pirate’s eye-patch.

    Anyway I hope today’s learned post will help some of the lesser experienced female anatomy groupies attain a new level of scholarly aplomb and self confidence in their pursuit of the rare “5 +” body.

    Oh yea, A/D say hello to Belle Knox next time you hit the sin strip.

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