Saturday Boobage 12-17-2016

This is just for Toejam.



For the rest of you, here’s some early Christmas Boobage.


This one is from Steve K.

7 comments on “Saturday Boobage 12-17-2016

  1. Calling Dr DDP … quick, bring bandages, defibrillator, smelling salts, and adrenaline . TJ has taken a direct hit! He is in clinical shock. He might never recover!
    (Cannot say I blame him, but…)

  2. Why is Jennifer Capriati wearing Jackie O signature series JFK had too much to drink last night and I’m hiding a shinerâ„¢ sunglasses?

  3. Men are from mars, women from Venus, but these aureoles are from Uranus. Gee why waste a perfectly good chest like that with two sagging sacks festooned with what appears to be spillage from the tsunami destroyed Fukushima reactor?

    I think she’s actually Huma Abedin’s younger sister strolling along a Greek beach after sailing a dingy across the Mediterranean. She landed in a Nudist colony and had to divest herself of her burqa to blend in with the infidels.

    This is going to be an abbreviated analysis today since my computer is acting up. Matter of fact the Santa babes will have to be put aside till later in the week. I know this little bugger hasn’t been firing on all chips for a while, but it seems to be going downhill this morning.

    1) FACE: Sadly her sunglasses appear to be the high point. Typical black curly hair just one or two generations away from “nappy”. Complexion bland without much color or composition. I’m thinking she’s either from the isle of Lesbos or another Aegean pile of igneous rocks. Rating: “C”.

    2) BOOBAGE: May even rival Elsie the cow’s utters. They have the shape of overstuffed, under-cooked German Wienerschnitzels. “Weiner/Huma? What a coincidence. Sadly, they sag like they have no evidence of a pectoral muscle unless they have somehow been transformed into the aureoles that encase 1/3rd of her tits. Add a couple of cankers and the rating drops lower. Rating: “D”.

    3) TORSO: Her best asset. About average compared to other beauties, but in her case a rating booster. I can’t see her lower appendages. They might raise her score somewhat, but unseen is unrated. Rating: “C+”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “”C-“.

    Today starts out warmer than the 18 to 20F temperatures of the past few days. However that brings in rain that will definitely put my girl watching on the back burner. Probably my most detested holiday is on the horizon. Christmas, aka: Yule is nothing more than an excuse to overindulge and play out the Santa fantasy game. I however see the week between Christmas and New Years as the “Chicago Homestretch”. The week that the record for murders in the windy city rises to a whole new level. Can they break 800? We’ll see when the final tally is done. Obama, however will probably blame the Russians for “hacking” the ghetto computers and inflating the numbers.

    • TJ, I’m gonna call the final numbers at 803 dead and 4387 shot. Anybody else have a Warm and Fuzz Feeling?

      Hey, a warm weekend and a family barbecue could be all it takes.

  4. If’n she has sun screen in that li’l pack of hers, I’ll be happy to help her apply it. Might have to spend all day doin’ it, though.

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