Saturday Boobage 12-31-2016

Last one of the year is from Rayko.


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  1. Good morning members of the peanut gallery. And it is a good morning. The last of 2016 and the end of another pagan, materialistic cultural orgasm aka: Christmas. I mentioned last week I detested the manufactured day to make all the retailers rich so they can spend the rest of the next few months lounging on the beaches of Florida, drinking margaritas and banging some $500 a night bimbo while their brats are in private schools all over Connecticut and Massachusetts and their old ladies are sitting on the Riviera being inseminated in their 3 orifices by 20 year old suave Italian or Croatian toy-boys. And most of the mother-f***ers don’t pay as much in taxes as the ordinary working slob. Life ain’t fair. America needs a Socialist system like Cuba where everyone is equally poor. I can see it now: Bernie at the helm and Hillary riding as tail-gunner……Just kidding. Welcome to the era of the Trumpster. That is if Obama doesn’t start a war with Putin and declare a “FDR” style dynasty.

    Fuck it let’s get down to (and wishfully on) todays bimbo.

    1) FACE: Blonde hair scores big points. Not absolutely golden straw-color, but it good enough to lodge my pocket-rocket in. Soft delicate features and minimal makeup belie her status as a nude model, pole-dancer, Ruski hacker, Lesbian-anal porn star or “all-of-the-above”. I like her genteel, soft semi-smile. That indicates her lip muscle, aka: risorius has been well toned and ready to milk any object from a tit to an elephant’s trunk. Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: A tad over-sized but firm, sounded and in perfect symmetry with her svelte torso. Pink aureoles and nipples top-off her mammary display. I’m liking them. I think I’ll order a supply from Amazon later today. Rating: “A++”.

    3) TORSO: Sweet and yummy says the stirring in my gonads. What a magnificent shape. Not one ounce of flab or disgusting canker. The next stop is that fantastic innie umbilicus. The consummate oval shape that mimics her vaginal opening, but instead of containing a yogurt substitute I bet that little belly button contains a great source of fiber in the form of lint. A place to exercise one’s (lady’s, gentleman’s or transgender) lingual appendage before heading south to the Labian hinterlands. Rating: “A++”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A++”.

    Yup, she a fine climax to the year. Sadly DDP and I will not be together to watch my balls drop at midnight. It was a custom we held dear for several years, but now we have only our fond memories. DDP is on the West Coast doing her thing which is far too private for me to expound on. I’ll head to the mall today and see if I can seduce some young babe to stop past my place for a highball nightcap and stir my swizzle stick. If all else fails I’ll don my jammies with the cozy wool feet, pop my Scrooge nightcap on my hairless dome, heat up a cup of cocoa and watch Guy Lombardo welcome in 1963 on my DVD.


  2. Hey Denny;

    Dang, all the posters agree that the babe is smoking hot and she is. There is symmetry in the world. it is a good way to end 2016. with the exception of the stupidity that Obungler is pulling trying to make the election of Trump illegitimate to show outside forces affected the elections rather than the dems ran a really crappy candidate whose sole qualifications was “I have a vagina and it is my turn.”

  3. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    WOW! I’m thinkin’ that would be an awesome way to ring-in the new year with my head between those two mammary delights, covering my ears from all of the noise and fireworks that are sure to erupt around my home here on this (PSEUDO) resort community I live in.

    Just think – As I write this, just 19 days and 10-1/2 hrs to go before some semblance of sanity is restored in D.C. and the First, Half-rican/Commie/Moo-Slime/Faggot (PSEUDO) President of the U.S. will be gone.

    I’m thinkin’, after remembering the hospital scene in “The Godfather” – I wonder if we could get one of the Mafia families to bribe the Secret Service agents to take a break or look the other way for awhile.

  4. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    To Denny and all of my friends on this blog – Have a Happy New Year!
    As I write this @ 6:45 PM I am hoping that you all make it home safely tonight before the amature drunks hit the roads.

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