Satuday Boobage 1-7-2017

This one is from AlphaDelta.


7 comments on “Satuday Boobage 1-7-2017

  1. Yup, those tits and adornments (aureoles) are way too huge. Other than that she ain’t bad. I woke up this morning with 6 inches. That’s snow on the ground. The other all you perverts thought it was reached the usual 8 inches. Cold (23F) blowing wind and 6 inches that’s not gonna get plowed in my neighborhood anytime soon. Shit, I even had to cancel my usual early morning trip to the massage parlor. Since I claim it as a “medical necessity” (Thanks to my local Oxytocin prescribing physician Dr. Ravi Patel) with Medicare so it’s a no-out-of-pocket” expense to me but definitely an out-of-jockey shorts experience for my one-eyed trouser snake. WIN/WIN!

    Let’s get to the analysis cause I haven’t had breakfast yet and the power may go off any moment.

    1) FACE: Not bad for a 2nd class Penthouse model. A/D keeps all the 1st class ones under his mattress for his night time activities. Cute smile, minimal makeup and flowing locks. Not blonde, but not raven black either. I hate black hair, cars, ice and other things the Southern Poverty Law center might find “offensive”. I’ve often wondered why the SPLC was worried only about black ghetto denizens and not poor, undereducated Appalachian whites. I guess “racism” works only one-way. Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Despite being too big those milk sacks are appealing. Nicely shaped. No cankers and most likely not stuffed with silicone. Plus they’re resting just above a very hot toned, tight abdominal area that exhibits a wonderful, perfect shaped innie. Made for Mining for lint. A dab of sticky substance on the ole wiener and Shazam you’ll cum up with a bale of cotton and pubic hair. Rating: “A”.

    3) TORSO & BEYOND: Sweet zone and my safe zone loaded with the musky scent of her torrid pheromones wafting through my nostrils and traveling the “Drinking Gonad” trail (see “Weavers”, circa 1955) right to my ejaculatory reproductive juice repository. What especially caught my eye was her distinct right Iliac Crest. I like my babes lean cause the closer to the bone the sweeter the meat. And that area between the Sacrum and the Pubic Symphysis is super sweet. I’d love to employ my super-sensitive lingual appendage to that area of her anatomy. Rating: “A++”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A++”.

    Yea, I have a soft spot in my heart and a rock-hard spot between my thighs for this damsel so I bumped her score up a full “+”.

    My options for a babe ogle run today are nil. I’m housebound for the duration and around these parts that could be 3 to 4 days. Even as I look out the snow is falling and adding to the 6 inch white shit levels and tonight’s temps are predicted to hit about 8F. Hell, I can’t even get to the airport to fly out and seek comfort from DDP. My only option is to do housework. I hope ya’ll are in better circumstances.

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