Successful New Year In France

Yannow what a successful New Year is? Only 945 cars torched. Hey Prosper, how do you like them apples? You used to always laugh at us when we pointed out what Moslems were doing to France. Believe it or not, I do worry about you and your family.

Vandals in France torched 945 parked cars on New Year’s Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual “tradition” amid a row over whether the government sought to play down the figures.

According to the French interior ministry, the total of 945, which included cars that were either “totally destroyed” or “more lightly affected”, amounted to a 17 per cent rise compared to last year.

More Moslems, more carbeques. Funny how that works.

Despite this, New Year’s Eve “went off without any major incident”, the interior ministry insisted in a statement, adding that there were only “a few troubles with public order”.

In fact, police arrested 454 people over the night, 301 of whom were taken into custody.

I’d hate to see what major troubles with public order would be.

On Sunday, the ministry had chosen to release a much lower figure of 650 cars torched, as this only indicated the number of vehicles “set on fire” and not those engulfed in the ensuing flames.

The lower figure enabled it to claim: “Once again this year, the overall number of vehicles burned demonstrates that, however intolerable, the phenomenon is contained”. By this calculation, the rise, it said, was only 48 cars.

In the United States this is know as Fake News.

There is an easy solution to this problem. Deport the Moslems.

6 comments on “Successful New Year In France

  1. You deport them, they still pose a danger to civilized society. You shoot them in the act, never again will they commit crimes against civilization. I prefer the latter.

  2. Good read. I hope that you don’t mind that I put it on a Rants and Raves page in Missoula, MT. This is stuff that a LOT more people need to be seeing.

  3. I’m with Rayvet – catch ’em in the act, put a bullet in the brainpan. Problem solved.

    And since it’s Paris, the smell of their rotting corpses really won’t be noticed against all the other stenches.

  4. It does not look like Prosper wants to be Denny`s French Connection any more. Is there any other trolls under the bridges over the Seine want to take his place?

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