Ronsday – Pre-Thanksgiving Rant

Ron rants.

Libs. Boy, I gotta tell ya, they’re a constant source of amazement, a perpetual gaffe generator, a self-perpetuating snap-your-neck-doing-doubletakes mistake machine.

Amazing how Dems can claim that Gillum (who’s black) lost the Florida race for governor because of widespread racism but DingleBarry won the state twice. And if Abrams’s not winning the goobernator race in Georgia is ‘cause the corrupt GOP stole it – simple as that.

The eternal hope is that one day they’ll acquire just enough sense to realize just how freakin stupid they are. Who else but a liberal would even consider taking Constitutional rights away from law-abiding citizens while giving full constitutional rights to illegal aliens.

And who else would refuse to surrender the mike when the President tells him repeatedly to siddown and shaddap but a Counterfeit News Narcissist. Oh, and Comrade diBlasio complaining about not having a parade in his honor. Man . . . It’s All About ME-E-E, innit. And then a DingleBarry appointed judge sez the executive branch doesn’t have the right to put the Jim Acosta show on hiatus and has to restore his press pass.

Jeeeez, they’ve turned “Sore Loser” into a national pastime, rotten kids throwing themselves on the floor in the supermarket, kicking and screaming because Mom got the oatmeal instead of the Froot Loops and she gives ‘em a Snickers to shut ‘em up.

Spiteful, spendthrift, vindictive, revenge-driven corruptocrats are now in charge of one of Occasionally-Confused’s “chambers of government” and eager to get down to work impeaching the hated Orangeman and dismantling his improvements in just about everything he said he would . . . except The Wall.

But, they think they’re right, of course, as well as gluten- steroid- and fat-free. Trouble is, they’re ethics, morals, and logic free, like their “face of the future” AO-C, a real cubic zirconia in the rough.

Girl ran for office as a socialist who believes she’s entitled to other people’s money. She can be counted on to support legislation for someone else to pay her rent, which she can’t afford figure out how to do although she was an “economics” major at Boston U @ $40K/annum and has several thousand dollars in her savings account.

But maybe I’m being too harsh too quickly on her. Yes, she’s like the proverbial tail-wagging puppy, chewing on Nancy’s slippers and peeing on the entrenched party line. I’ve listened to her speak, and she actually comes across as bright, intelligent, and quick thinking. She has a good sense of sentence construction and can purse a point to get her message across clearly. She’s not exactly stupid, and she apparently knows a lotta stuff . . . . the problem with that being that much of it is just frigging WRONG!

Oh, well. The truth is that nobody’s perfect . . . perfect people don’t drink, don’t fight, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t make mistakes . . . and they don’t exist.

The classic joke, the one with enough irony to make full-sized anvils for everybody in East Asia, is that the United Nations (and the same thing applies to every national government except Donald Trump’s) . . . who perfected the art of terrorism, triggered global economic disasters, made membership in the nuclear-weapons club automatic for every pissant dictator with shiny epaulettes, promoted ethnic cleansing and genocide, gave birth to ISIS, and planted the seeds and fertilizer and irrigation for the elimination of Western Civilization . . . yeah, THAT herd of corruptocrats – is wise and competent and trustworthy enough to “fix” climate change, regardless of what the sun does.

Of course in close second to that ironic paradox is the Mueller “investigation” into Russian interference in US elections by Donald J. Trump. Man . . . talk about a red herring – it’s virtually an undisguised ploy to distract attention from HRC’s multiple crimes and frame DJT for stuff he didn’t do.

Goddammit . . . if Mueller had been serious about investigating Russian meddling in our elections, he’d have subpoenaed the DNC servers, Hillary’s servers, and Fusion GPS records. But instead of going after Hillary for being corrupt and breaking rules and getting people killed, it is now the US government’s plan to punish Assange for leaking the e-mails that exposed her corruption . . . izzat about it?

HRC is STILL not in jail, or prison, or rehab, but now we’re looking into whether Ivanka should be pilloried for using a personal e-mail address to communicate with government officials . . . even though she did NOT set up a private server and did NOT share classified information. But then, she’s NOT a Democrat, and she IS Jewish, so she should have her head shaved and her personal wealth redistributed.

And speaking of welfare dependent . . . another strange phenomenon – once they become accustomed to the free ride at taxpayer expense, if you suggest that they work for a living and stand in line and be treated like everyone else, suddenly you’re being racist and/or discriminatory.

It’s like Jerry Brown in Calipornia: ever since DJT was elected, he has ranted about resisting his policies, that he’s not welcome in the state, that we need to oust him. And then, once again the once-golden state is experiencing wildfires unlike anything they’ve seen – at least since last year, or the year before that, or the one before that. So what does Guv’ner Moonbeam do? He stands next to Trump in the bleak firescape of what USED to be a town called Paradise and admits – “Hey, he was right – it WAS partly because of our policies that the fires got out of control” because he saw the Uncle Sugar checkbook in the hated Orangeman’s hand.

Not to worry, tho. Rains are coming today which will douse the flames and eliminate the fire danger. ‘Course then the mudslides will bury homes and infrastructure the fires didn’t eat, and somehow that will be Trump’s fault. I can’t WAIT to see how Jerry and the other Flat-Earthers will blame him for the coming mini-ice age.

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  1. Sorry for the typos, guys . . . guess I shoulda took the advice I always gave my students: Never turn in a paper immediately after finishing it . . . Always let it fester for a while and then go back to proofread it so you don’t look like a mucking foron.

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