Build The Wall!

Dear President Trump – It’s nice that you took Speaker Blinky and Schmuck Schumer to the woodshed in the meeting in the Oval Office. I’m having a hard time with all of this wasted effort to wring $5 billion out of these nimrods. You don’t need the $5 billion. You have the Army Corps of Engineers. They’re good at building stuff. Have them build the wall. Do it now! We are being invaded at our southern border. This is a national security issue.

This was your number one campaign issue. If you want to get reelected in 2020, you have to figger out how to deliver.

8 comments on “Build The Wall!

  1. Agree completely with you!

    Unfortunately we are having this conversation because the republican party has become the party of pussies – Half or more of them should be made to wear those stupid pussy hats to Congress.


  2. Denny:
    Couldn’t have said it better myself – Except with a lot of “tastefully” expletives added. That seems to be the ONLY language that the Lib-O’s understand anyway.

  3. Could it be that he’s learned that age-old trick of the professional politicians, which is to promise something but tell us that he needs more time to get it done? Or will he come right out with the truth, that the Stupid Party is determined to suicide ’cause they ain’t got the cojones to take a stand?

  4. hurrah for the Army EngineeringCorps & US Navy Seebees(Can do)
    Heck build military bases along the border.
    Good National guard training facilities

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