9 comments on “Saturday Boobage 12-1-2018

  1. Them there are flapjack nipples, manhole covers, whatever you want to call them. Bet they don’t even get “pointy” when cold. But the boobs themselves, perfect sized. And I appreciate that we get to see her lower torso too. Sexy chick.

  2. Reminds of a woman I knew back home, who I had a mad crush on. I never did see her this way however. She said no to me and my advances and married a tall rich man and had children by him. She now has two grand children to dote over now. Thanks Denny for showing me what I missed.

  3. I would gladly crawl a 100 yards over broken glass for the privilege to be able to canoodle with them beauties … she is imo the most perfect yet Denny

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