15 comments on “Saturday Boobage 12-15-2018

  1. Those are some serious boobs.
    They would be some fine entertainment for a weekend, but I don’t think I would want to be around when she is in her sixties.

  2. The photo was provided for entertainment and should be appreciated as such. Negative commenters would do well to stifle their ignorance and just enjoy an image of Nature’s bounty.

    • Hear, hear! Enjoy the view while it lasts. There’s no sense bitching that a beautiful sunset is going to turn pitch black in a few minutes. Beauty comes in many shapes, shades and sizes.

    • Tell ’em, Jim. I don’t recall Denny puttin’ any limits who submits photos. Some of us have sent him stuff he’s used, and stuff he hasn’t. I have no problems with this young lady’s endowments, although she’s a little on the lean side for me. Not sayin’ I’d kick her out of bed, but I’m pretty sure my wife would.

    • Thank you Jim!
      GOC does have a wide spectrum audience, so not everyone will like ’em lean. I prefer on the healthy side as Denny knows from my past suggestions, though this one seems too healthy in proportion to her frame, for my tastes. But, God is good, and good form does follow function. Kudos to Pres for today’s boobage appreciation.

  3. To paraphrase an old Phyllis Diller joke, “As she gets older, what size bra will she wear? 38 Long.” Right now, those warheads are dangerous weapons.

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