Bowl Games

The bowl games have come and gone except for the national championship. Alas I missed the semifinals. I was at my sister’s and they have cut the cord so ESPN wasn’t available. It really pisses me off that almost all of the bowl games were on ESPN. I missed Clemson destroying Notre Dame. Speaking of Notre Dame, Clay Travis put up two polls on Twatter. The first one.

Should Notre Dame’s being destroyed by Alabama in the title game and now Clemson in the playoff be considered by the playoff committee the next time they consider Notre Dame for the playoff?

The response was 75% yes 25% no.

The second one.

Second poll question: should Notre Dame have to join a major conference in order for the Fighting Irish to be eligible for the playoff?

The response 83% yes 17% no.

Notre Dame is almost always overrated. Put Notre Dame in the SEC West and they wouldn’t have a chance. They would have to get past Georgia and a resurgent Florida if they were in the SEC East. Make them play a Big 10 schedule and see if they went undefeated. They might do OK in the ACC since Florida State and Miami have cratered. They would still have to beat Clemson. In the Big 12 they would have to deal with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas. Maybe they could do well in the Pac 12 since those teams suck. Notre Dame is on a par with UCF. UCF with their starting QB could prolly beat Notre Dame. Yeah, I don’t like Notre Dame.

Georgia really sucked against Texas. Dear Georgia players, if you want to complain about not making the CFP don’t suck against a team in a game that you were favored to win by two touchdowns. Georgia was 0-2 in Louisiana this year. They sucked against LSU in Baton Rouge and they sucked against Texas in Nawlins. Sorry dudes, you didn’t deserve to make the CFP. Had you defeated LSU and lost to Alabama you might have made it. Yeah, you left a lot on the field against Alabama, but the Sugar Bowl was a chance to redeem yourselves. You failed.

One game left. Should be a good one.