AOTW 1-4-2019

It should come as no surprise that the winner of the prestigious AOTW Award this week goes to Mitt Romney. What a dooshbag! Before he was even sworn in as a senator he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Compost (Motto: Democracy dies with Fake News) bashing Trump. He said that Trump lacked the integrity, honesty, and character to be president. WTF would Mittens know about integrity, honesty, and character? Here he is bashing the leader of his own party. I like what Trump had to say.

“I wish Mitt could be more of a team player, you know? I’m surprised he did it this quickly. If he fought really hard against President Obama like he does against me, he would have won the election.”

Ain’t that the truth. Even his niece, the chairwoman of the RNC, took him to task. I guess Mittens wants to be the new Johnny Maverick McRINO.


14 comments on “AOTW 1-4-2019

  1. Even if everything MR said about Trump is true, the Clintons are still worse in every category in kind and by degree.

  2. I have started to try to predict who you pick for AOTW. I picked this one. Mitt the S#it is an embarrassment to assholes everywhere.

  3. My wife, too, figured Mittens would win this week. I guessed Pelosi as the dark horse. She’ll have plenty of chances, now that the MSM want to stick a mic in her face as often as Stormy sticks somethin’ else in hers.

  4. Hey Denny;

    I thought it would be a tossup between Mittons or the muslim congresscritter that stated “We will impeach the motherfucker and kick him out of office”. But I was leaning towards Mittons because he stuck a knife into Trump and I actuallyt voted for that jerk when he should have won that election in 2012, but allowed himself to get rolled by Candy Crowley on national TV. asshole

  5. Sometimes knowing a thing can give you great satisfaction, but announcing that you know it can bring you great condemnation.

    We all know that Trump is a non-traditional leader, but he’s an effective one in many ways. And a bit of chaotic action is preferable to orderly stagnation. We NEEDED him, or somebody like him, after 24 years of Slick, Shrub, and DingleBarry.

    In all fairness to Mitts, I believe the nation woulda been a whole lot better off by 2016 if he’d won and kept Soetoro from a second term.

    But lettin the cat outta the bag is a helluva lot easier than puttin it back in. Better to remain silent on some issues and be considered ignorant than to blab pointlessly and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

  6. The wind blew, the shit flew & up stood Romney….The useless RINO certainly accepted Trump`s endorsement didn`t he
    This is what is wrong with the Republican Party in that they still accept these assholes as member`s & support their election ………What the Republican Party should do is publically disenfranchise these bastards & deny their membership & brand them for being the traitorous RINO`s they really are.
    Trump was right in that Romney totally destroyed Obama in their first debate & had the Magic Negro on the ropes but for some some strange reason backed off & allowed him to regain control & win.
    I will always remember the look of contempt Moosehell had on her face & believe it was directed at Bunghole not Romney.She knew damn well he had likely lost any chance for re-election.
    I was a member of the RNC for 20 years but the debacle which was the Romney campaign was the final straw which resulted in my dropping my membership & support individual true Republicans instead.
    The people of Utah bought themselves a traitor of the highest rank to represent them.I thought they were smarter then that.

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