Black History Month Finale

So Black History Month ends with a bang as more Dimocrat racists emerge. I’ve been writing for years that Dimocrats are the real racists. Remember that the Dimocrat Party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. What have they really done for Africans? They’ve kept them poor, uneducated, and dependent upon gummint all the while blaming white Republicans. And their “leaders” are in on the scam. The Jacksons and Shartptons live well off this scam. So do members of the Congressional African Congress. Meanwhile their constituents live in crime and squalor in cities run by Dimocrats. Dimocrats tell Africans that they’re too dumb to succeed without affirmative action – which has been renamed Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) – and other gummint programs.

So now to finish off Black History month with a bang we go back to Virginia where it looks like not only the Dimocrat guv’nor is a racist but his wife is one too.

A Virginia state employee has complained that her eighth-grade daughter was upset during a tour of the historic governor’s residence when first lady Pam Northam handed a ball of cotton to her and another black child and asked them to imagine being enslaved and having to pick cotton.

WTF? Amazing! The Virginia clown show just keeps getting better and better. Can you imagine if Northam and his wife were Republicans? This would be on every newscast for weeks and weeks. Her husband would never live down his blackface and she would never live down this incident. But, since they’re Dimocrats, they will disappear down the memory hole.

Next door in Maryland we have another racist Dimocrat.

Now, as Black History Month comes to a close, white Democrat Maryland Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti (District 34A Harford County) is under fire after being accused of calling a black neighborhood in Prince George’s County a “n***** district” during a conversation with a fellow Democrat lawmaker last month.

Oh noes! The Washington Post (amazing!) broke the story.

A white lawmaker from Har­ford County apologized to the leaders of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland for using a racial slur to describe a legislative district in Prince George’s County — but also told her black colleagues that she did not recall saying it, according to two lawmakers who attended the meeting.

Caucus members confronted Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D) on Monday night over allegations that she told a white colleague, during an after-hours gathering at an Annapolis cigar bar, that when he campaigned in Prince George’s on behalf of a candidate last fall he was door-knocking in a “n—– district.”

…Questioned by The Washington Post earlier this month about her alleged use of the racial slur, Lisanti said: “I don’t recall that. . . . I don’t recall much of that evening.”

I was drunk. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

When asked whether she has ever used the slur, she said: “I’m sure I have. . . . I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain.”

Yeah. Everyone does it. It’s only racist if we catch a Republican doing it. We Dimocrats get a pass. Remember Bobby Byrd?


…Busch stripped Lisanti of her posts as chairwoman of a House subcommittee on unemployment insurance and as House chairwoman of a joint committee on unemployment insurance.

…Busch said Lisanti agreed to undergo “sensitivity training.”

Yep! To the reeducation camp for you. By the time you’re done you’ll extol the wonderfulness of Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) or at least learn to keep your racism secret.

Best Black History Month evah!

Ronsday Rant

Ron rants.

Sleeped rill gud lass nite. Fed the furry guys some stuff The Regg mixed up for ‘em, and ‘bout 2300 Lance’s innards decided they’d had quite enuf of that junk, so he told me he was gonna hurl. I’d been asleep for ‘bout 3 hours by that time. Nice thing to wake up to.

Got up and maneuvered his crippled ass out the back door just in time . . . he barfed on the bricks just below the sliding-door frame. So I sloshed that with a bucket of water, brought him back in, and slid ‘tween the sheets again. Woke up at 0601. Over 8½ hours’ sleep total.

A bit disoriented by so much unaccustomed shut-eye, I woke up iMac, who immediately started flashin black people’s faces in MY face, somethin’ bout Black History Month. Yeah, right. I gotta tell ya, I’m j-u-s-t a bit weary of this Smollet dude. That’s one face I could do without seein, for at least the rest of my life.

But . . . not good to hate, is it. Lotta candidates out there if hatin’s your thing. Soundbyte Al, Max Maxipad, “I-comb-my-hair-with-a-balloon” Bernie, Komisar Klobuchar, I’m Asparagus, “Slept-my-way-to-fame” Kamel(a), “It-was-my-TURN-goddamit” Shrillary, “Pardon-me-while-I-fondle-your-daugher” Gropey Joe . . . . . list goes on and on, donit?

But I’m not gonna fall into that trap. In fact,

I refuse to hate black panthers.

I refuse to hate socialists.

I refuse to hate hypocritical entertainers.

I refuse to hate overpaid athletes.

I refuse to hate corrupt politicians.

Hate accomplishes nothing.

But, I reserve the right to continue to despise Harry Reid, J.F. Kerry, and Hillary Rodham, with a particular loathing for B. Hussein Soetoro, ValJar, Soros, Al Green, Jackson-Lee, and maybe 14,609 more I’ve read about over the past few years.

And Kalipornia . . . sheeeesh! Run by serial dipwads who genuinely believe that intense study of phrenology and dedication to the code of free lunch for parasites is crucial for the success of their unicorn and Tinker-Belle reality. Entirely useless, but too stupid to realize it.

Like in the People’s Republic of San Francisco with its fine homeless neighborhoods, SJW safe spaces, genderless personal pronouns, and badly Spanish-speaking descendants of the self-destructing Maya who liked to cut the hearts out of sacrificial morons and stack their skulls to make heiaus.

I mean, hey – guys . . . according to Judaeo-Christian tradition, God created man and woman. All the other genders were created by Democrat failed abortions. And don’t you think it’s just wrong for all those Hondurans and Guatemalans to sneak in here and take jobs away from our Mexicans?

And oh-by-the-way – retagging “socialism” as “democratic socialism” doesn’t mean it’s gonna work any better than calling horse droppings “biodegradable waste material.” It’s still just horseshit.

Lemme ‘splain DACA for y’all: Somebody breaks into your house. You come home from work and find them living there, a man who speaks no English and his little girl, eating your food and using your facilities.

You call the police, but they inform you that your neighbors took a vote which declares the girl completely guiltless because her father brought her there. They say that you now have to take care of her, feed her, clothe her, pay for her health care and education.

And since she would become basically an orphan and ward of the state if her father goes to jail for trespassing, all charges against him have been withdrawn . . . AND, you have to keep him in the house with his daughter, feed him, and so on.

That’s the essence of DACA.

Many of the 2020 Dem hopefuls, such as Elizabeth Ocasio-O’Rourke, are listing so heavily to port that they make the farting cows of The View seem conservative. And in the post-Trump era, they’ll very likely be running everything. Now THERE’s a happy picture.

The reason mice die in mousetraps is that it never occurred to them WHY the cheese is free. If socialism is SO good and capitalism is SO bad, then why don’t the caravans head for Venezuela?

And consider the scholastic chops of some of our “leaders” with degrees (mostly Juris Doctor) from prestigious universities:

Lieawatha — irrecoverably delusional and unabashedly ethnically confused

Hillary — a postmenopausal career loser, extortionist, and professional whiner

Bernie — an addlepated hippy with a rumpled logic center who wants the nomination of a political party to which he doesn’t belong and can’t make up his mind which of his three houses he wants to launch his official Socialism run from

Gropey Joe – who left the Senate to spend his declining years as an insurance policy for a narcissistic, overeducated, egotistical closet Muslim

“Spartacus” Booker — a dim-witted, deer-in-the-headlights flip-flopper who just wants to slip into DingleBarry’s mixed-race-but-I’m-black-for-the-votes-and-sympathy shoes while they’re still warm, the intellectual depth of a tortilla and the managerial capacity of a bottle cap

“Pedo” O-Rookie – like Hillary, famous for being famous, I guess . . . lanky Celtic dude who managed to convinced himself he’s Chicano – still, MA in English and as much name recognition as the alphabet networks could scrounge up for him

And Occasionally-Confused – the “future of the Left,” with her barely-above 400 credit rating, two evictions, tabula rasa résumé, and “12 years to Apocalypse” prophecy with a degree in ECONOMICS

Wow! Just like their Magic Negro – educated well beyond their capacity to comprehend reality.

Nothin I can do about it, tho. Just figger out what I’m gonna eat for lunch and then go out to lop the tops offa the weeds in the back yard.

And speakin of faces, here’s my standard for female pulchritude:

Here’s my touchstone for female decrepitude:

and here’s my benchmark for female ineptitude:

What A Maroon

Dude stole a Tesla.

RIVERSIDE — A probationer who led Riverside police officers on a dangerous, high-speed pursuit in a luxury electric sports car was arrested after the plug-in car’s batteries died Sunday night, Feb. 17. The pursuit, which wound its way from Riverside’s Eastside neighborhood into Orange County, ended in a felony stop on the 91 Freeway.

Dead batteries.

Riverside police officers were first alerted to the vehicle theft around 7:45 p.m., after the owner of an electric-powered Tesla called 911 to report his car had just been stolen from a parking garage on the 1400 block of Everton Pl.

With an app available to Tesla owners, the victim was able to track his stolen vehicle from his phone, and immediately began providing officers with “real-time” updates of the car’s movements, Riverside PD later explained.

Based on those updates, a responding officer quickly spotted the car as it was exiting the 91 Freeway at Adams St. But as officers prepared to conduct a traffic stop, the driver of the stolen vehicle, later identified as Filiberto Felix, 30-years-old of Riverside, refused to yield and sped away from officers.

Kewl! A green car chase.

Officials initiated a vehicle pursuit that first traveled through the city streets. Felix then got back onto the freeway before once again exiting at Magnolia Ave. The fleeing man continued to lead officers on pursuit as he traveled up La Sierra Ave. to Cajalco Rd., then to the 15 Freeway.

During the chase, Felix drove without regard for the safety of officers or other citizens and the ground pursuit was eventually deemed too dangerous to continue and patrol officers backed out of the chase; allowing the department’s Air Support Unit, “Air-1” to take over.

Felix eventually got onto the westbound 91 freeway and headed into Orange County, where the luxury car’s batteries eventually died, leaving the fleeing man stranded. With his stolen ride’s batteries dead, CHP quickly moved in and conducted a high-risk stop and arrested the car thief. CHP later turned the alleged suspect over to RPD officers.

First off. Why would someone steal a Tesla? Second, I have never understood why anyone would think they could outrun cops. Sure, you can sometimes outrun a cop car, but you can’t outrun a radio or a helicopter. And third to think you could get away in an electric car, even a sports car like a Tesla takes a high level of idiocy. What’s the range of a Tesla? 100 miles? What’s the range of a Tesla going 80 miles an hour? Prolly a lot less. But it is nice to see that this felon was going green by stealing a Tesla.

What a maroon!


Ron in Ohio sent me a joke that I’m gonna alter and use.

A college professor was giving a lecture and said; “Fame will only come to you after you finally succeed.”

AOC: “Who is this guy named ‘Seed’ and how do I meet him?”

Kamala Harris: His real name is Willie Brown

Ilhan Omar: Will it work if I suck my brother?

Amy Klobucher: Can I do it through a comb?

Kirsten Gillibrand: Only if he’s for abortion up to and including birth.

Chief Sitting bullshit Warren: What tribe is he from?

AOTW 2-22-2019

It would really be easy to give it to Acaseof Kotex with her latest utterance equating the wall on the southern border to the Berlin Wall. Of course she is too stupid to realize that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people in while Trump’s wall is to keep people out. Boston University really should give her a refund of her tuition.

Anyhoo, she was beat out by creepy Uncle Joe Biden who in typical Dimocrat fashion decided to badmouth the United States while he was overseas. He called the United States an “embarrassment”. He’s correct. It’s embarrassing that the Dimocrat Party keeps giving us assholes like this. Politics used to end at the water’s edge but the Dimocrat Party has put an end to that.

Here’s your award creepy uncle.