Black History Month Finale

So Black History Month ends with a bang as more Dimocrat racists emerge. I’ve been writing for years that Dimocrats are the real racists. Remember that the Dimocrat Party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. What have they really done for Africans? They’ve kept them poor, uneducated, and dependent upon gummint all the while blaming white Republicans. And their “leaders” are in on the scam. The Jacksons and Shartptons live well off this scam. So do members of the Congressional African Congress. Meanwhile their constituents live in crime and squalor in cities run by Dimocrats. Dimocrats tell Africans that they’re too dumb to succeed without affirmative action – which has been renamed Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) – and other gummint programs.

So now to finish off Black History month with a bang we go back to Virginia where it looks like not only the Dimocrat guv’nor is a racist but his wife is one too.

A Virginia state employee has complained that her eighth-grade daughter was upset during a tour of the historic governor’s residence when first lady Pam Northam handed a ball of cotton to her and another black child and asked them to imagine being enslaved and having to pick cotton.

WTF? Amazing! The Virginia clown show just keeps getting better and better. Can you imagine if Northam and his wife were Republicans? This would be on every newscast for weeks and weeks. Her husband would never live down his blackface and she would never live down this incident. But, since they’re Dimocrats, they will disappear down the memory hole.

Next door in Maryland we have another racist Dimocrat.

Now, as Black History Month comes to a close, white Democrat Maryland Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti (District 34A Harford County) is under fire after being accused of calling a black neighborhood in Prince George’s County a “n***** district” during a conversation with a fellow Democrat lawmaker last month.

Oh noes! The Washington Post (amazing!) broke the story.

A white lawmaker from Har­ford County apologized to the leaders of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland for using a racial slur to describe a legislative district in Prince George’s County — but also told her black colleagues that she did not recall saying it, according to two lawmakers who attended the meeting.

Caucus members confronted Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D) on Monday night over allegations that she told a white colleague, during an after-hours gathering at an Annapolis cigar bar, that when he campaigned in Prince George’s on behalf of a candidate last fall he was door-knocking in a “n—– district.”

…Questioned by The Washington Post earlier this month about her alleged use of the racial slur, Lisanti said: “I don’t recall that. . . . I don’t recall much of that evening.”

I was drunk. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

When asked whether she has ever used the slur, she said: “I’m sure I have. . . . I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain.”

Yeah. Everyone does it. It’s only racist if we catch a Republican doing it. We Dimocrats get a pass. Remember Bobby Byrd?


…Busch stripped Lisanti of her posts as chairwoman of a House subcommittee on unemployment insurance and as House chairwoman of a joint committee on unemployment insurance.

…Busch said Lisanti agreed to undergo “sensitivity training.”

Yep! To the reeducation camp for you. By the time you’re done you’ll extol the wonderfulness of Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) or at least learn to keep your racism secret.

Best Black History Month evah!

7 comments on “Black History Month Finale

  1. DJT’s shock election victory has “triggered” the hostile takeover of the Dem Old Guard by the Millennial Radicals, who will wait no longer for the “change” they’ve been promised. The weapon of choice is identity politics, and it is being wielded on all fronts: age, class, race, sex, religion, etc.

    2019’s been already a very eventful year. It’s going to get even uglier. Looking sooo forward to BHM 2020!

    • You think the senior Dems do NOT have tame judges up their sleeves that the New Kidz in Kongress can influence? Takes times to learn who to go venue-shopping with, for lighter sentencing and other traditional Democrat stunts.

      As for Black History Month, Kamamammalalla Harris among others says we gotta shell out reparations, but not cash, just tax rebates. Who qualifies? Anyone who says they’re an African descendant trapped in an evil white honky body?

      If so, what’s it gonna pay to come out and be proud?

  2. It was a month of exposing the true racist but damn the inundation of black privilege is running rampant. My local news has local Democrat politicians on like twice a week telling us how mad amounts of our hard earned money is about to be spent (squandered) in our inner city jungle region.
    We’ll be fleeced to build or repair something they’ll just break again it’s a cycle.
    So we just were inundated with a week of Kwanzaa a weekend of MLK a whole freaken month All hail the Negroid and all they’ve contributed to society and our culture (10 seconds name 1)

    Yes they’re “usefully” up on an undeserved pedestal because they’re not White.
    I just heard it’s National Women’s Month sharing the pedestal because they’re not Men.

  3. I love NewSpeak. Harlem is what a white district? And what makes a nigger district? High crime, babies without daddies, generations on welfare and happy of it, illiteracy, random violent attacks, mindless racism. How about nurturing cults like Rev Wright and the Obamas? How about Jackson and Sharpton.

    Remember you know who rules if you dare not speak its name. I am sick of the endless Smollett crimes while black racism is ignored. Black history? The real black heroes are never mentioned, just the usual losers, race hustlers, and revolutionaries.

    We pander to blacks with affirmative action which has so degenerated that one party opts to pay people who were never slaves, never knew a slave, never lived in a society with slavery (ie Africa). And who is to pay, people who never owned a slave, never knew a slave and never advocated slavery.

    We are either united as one or we are members of a tribe. Choose.

  4. If Black Americans did study American History as it pertains to the real truth about Slavery , Racism , Segregation , the KKK & the history of the Democratic Party ……I doubt there there would be enough black Democrats to keep the NBA or NFL functioning as professional sports dominated by Black player who either are or support the Democratic Party.
    They would be Republicans ……unfortunately Truth is not that important for most Blacks in this country.
    Just the other day someone commented about the support Jewish people give to the Democratic Party despite the pro Muslim support the Democrats give to Islamic world who wants to destroy Israel & kill every Jew.
    While It is true Jewish people as a group are far more educated then typical Black groups……….If proves education alone will not make Blacks switch allegiance to the Republican Party en masse but it would be a start. Even armed with reality, false beliefs are hard to change .

    • The Dimocrats bought off the Africans with welfare, housing, and food stamps. The only Africans who would vote for Republicans would be middle class or wealthy blacks. Unfortunately, the welfare leeches far outnumber those. OTOH, if the Republicans could strip off just 10% of the African vote it would be a disaster for the Dimocrats.

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