AOTW 3-29-2019

The winner this week is Kim Foxx the state attorney in Chicago who “recused” herself from the Smellit case but was behind dropping all charges against him. Yeah. She recused herself all right. And I’ve got a bridge to sell you right next to some ocean front property in Kansas.

Yannow, the Dimocrats don’t even hide their corruption anymore. Why should they. They know they won’t be held accountable. Look at Crooked Cankles and BJ and their fake charity, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. It’s right out in the open and they are getting away with it. The Fake News Media won’t do their job. Republican corruption is exposed or in the case of Trump made up but Dimocrat corruption is covered up. The press in this country has failed miserably in their job.

We see that there are two sets of laws in this country. The connected get off. Moochelle went to bat for Smellit and Kim Foxx did her bidding and dropped all charges. The rule of law in this country is dead. Kim Foxx should be thrown out of office. Instead, she’ll prolly get reelected.


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  1. No, rule of law is not dead. The dick now lays in AG William Barr’s and President Trump’s lap if either are serious about draining The Swamp.

  2. And now the NAACP wants to honor Smellit with an Image award. It’s all an upside down world. Says it all about the NAACP today.

    • FatJack, old Navy buddy of mine . . . back when Soetoro named Mrs. Criminal SecState, said, “If it’s got tires, tits, tan skin, or a towel on its head, you’re gonna have trouble with it.”

  3. You’d think that folks like these would be embarrassed to be caught like this, ’til you remember that in their own echo chambers they enjoy the applause and accolades to their like-minded sycophants, who’ll tell ’em what heroes they are in the struggle against the man. It seems, though, that maybe the average voter in Chicago might just be wakin’ up to the fact that the man is just whoever is in charge. With black politicians screwin’ things up just as badly as white ones did, maybe they’ll see that it may have more to do with political party than color.

  4. The dimwit issued a statement claiming that the charges would not serve the purpose of justice. How the left expects its BS to be eaten hook, line and sinker by us deplorables would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting.

  5. I understand in our justice system you cannot be re-tried again for the same crime ………….However Smellit was never tried the charges were merely dismissed , maybe I am wrong but I think Smellit could be -arrested again & tried im a Court of Law
    If true this would be the perfect decision to make , then real justice could be observed .

    • Kinda depends on the status of the dismissal.

      A case dismissed WITH prejudice is dismissed in perpetuity, forever. Cannot be reopened with original charges in the court system dismissing it — for example, state versus federal court.

      Dismissed WITHOUT prejudice means it can be reopened with some or all of the original charges with or without modifications, even upgrades based on new evidence.

      In some situations, the feds might charge a suspect with the exact same crime dismissed by a state court, depending upon the wording of the law involved. What they generally do, though, is apply a different standard to the same crime, such as terrorism versus murder or arson or manslaughter to keep defense attorneys from swaying a jury with the ol’ “double jeopardy” rule.

      I sat on a jury involving police brutality one time . . . the cop had gone to trial three times (hung jury twice) for beatin the hell out of a dope dealer with his flashlight. Put out the guy’s eye and messed up somethin in his hearing, according to the prosecutor.

      Wound up in federal court and we hung also, 10 for not guilty and 2 for guilty. Since it had to be unanimous because of the nature of the charge and instructions from the judge, he walked, after 3 full trials and one suspended one.

      What actually happened in the case is the dealer got all up in the cop’s face (county deputy), spit on him, and tried to take his piece away from him. Cop disabled him . . . repeatedly.

      Excessive force? Yeah, prob’ly. I figger we sent a clear message, tho: don’t attack LEOs arrestin you for dealin crack.

      • Bocopro…….Dudley1 here , interesting comments my friend & I do not know whether prejudice was applied with/without the charges being dismissed.
        Anyway I have doubts about the justice system in the Court Room as I have been called for jury duty many times & served on quite a number of juries & always wondered how we were supposed to reach a verdict when there were so many private whispered discussions between the Judge & Attorney`s concerning the case being tried we were supposed to decide innocence or guilt.
        Another issue I had when I was a Commissioned Deputy State Wildlife Officer I was summoned for jury duty twice . As a Law Enforcement Officer I had “0” chance of being selected to sit on a jury but was not excused from jury duty. I ended up both times for the two week terms sitting in the Jury selection chambers playing solitaire or reading a book.
        Justice may not be blind but sometimes it is applied from a cock-eyed viewpoint.

  6. Per Liz Crokin–he’s being looked at for Federal Mail fraud and the LEO looking at the case is someone from FBI who’s an expert on child sex abuse case–so, maybe there’s another side to this

  7. Chris Wallace is a gold plated Asshole………I watched his interview with Kelly Ann Conway last night where he tried to bully her around, interrupt her answers & change subjects when she was giving answers he did not want to hear..
    I actually thought she got the best of him until he said……….
    There are some questions I do not want to ask you but they are what people want to know & proceeded to interrogate her about personal problems in her marriage between she & her husband, her children & what influence Donald Trump was having as to the difference of opinion she & her husband were having.
    Disgusting, totally disgraceful & uncalled for…..whats next Chris, gonna drag her out in he street & stone her to death?
    I lost all respect for you , sorry to see what a jerkwad you really are.
    I would like to see Fox trade you to MSNBC for a copy of the 4 page list that networks honest & balanced past presentations … know the one with 3 empty pages?
    At the bare minimum I hope Fox fires your ass. What a POS you are.

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