AOTW 3-8-2019

So howza ’bout that Dimocrat Congress coming out against anti-Semitism? What? They didn’t? They came out against Islamaphobia? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So American Jews, the joke is on you. You brought people like the Jew hating Somali Congresscritter and the Paleoswinian Jew hating congresscritter into the country and guess what? They hate you. It’s now becoming part of the Dimocrat Party to hate Jews and guess what? You’re gonna continue to support the Dimocrat Party. You’re gonna continue to support bringing Third World savages into this country. You’re gonna continue to support multiculturalism. It’s one thing for you assholes committing suicide, but do you have to take the rest of the country with you? And you Jewish Dimocrat congresscritters, you’re afraid of Ilhan Omar. Fucking amazing.

My AOTW Award goes to all of the American Jews who support and vote Dimocrat.


8 comments on “AOTW 3-8-2019

  1. Brexit – Britain leaving EU
    BLexit – blacks leaving demorats
    Roseanne Barr interview: “For all the African-American people I know who are Blexiting, I say to them, ‘Please take two Jews with you.’”

    • 400 years of jews in Egypt did not make jews Egyptian so, ‘splain to me how all of a sudden the Trotskys, er, Bronsiteins, Lenins ,er, Ulyanovs, and Marxs of the world would leave their natural surroundings?

  2. Wrong goyim, the joke is on you. The [special people] just guaranteed that the [special people] minority is always the [special people] minority over you.

    Read again:

    What is it that Boomers in America do not understand about this?

    Ps. at least Rep. Steve King did not prostrate himself again over white guilt peer pressure.

  3. This week it’s the Jews’ turn to bend over in the service of Political Correctness, next week it’ll be some other group’s turn. And so it goes.

    • I nominate the Obama crime syndicate. Keep jailing them until somebody rolls over on Hussein and takes him down, either in a criminal case ending in a sub-sub-sub-basement SuperMax cell inside the bowels of a Colorado hillside, or else a shitstorm of lawsuits in carefully-selected venues to get verdicts awarding monstrous civil penalties. Feast on their downfall, devouring every ill-gotten penny of Bathhouse Barry’s speaking, media production company or book income. (Known as cutting his tongue out without touching him. There’s a certain charm in that. He’s left-handed Muslim—unclean.)

      Yeah. I know. Won’t happen in my lifetime. But I’m in my third childhood, so it’s OK. A boy can always dream.

  4. It is not just the Jews who vote Democratic which are the assholes….though they are more ignorant given the hatred of the muslims……It is any American voter be they Democrat or Republican who cannot see the path of destruction the Democratic Party Agenda has charted for this Country who are the Assholes ….every damn one of them.
    Make no mistake EVERY DEMOCRAT & RINO in congress who chose to vote in support Pied Piper Pelosi are enemies of the people of this country & anyone who voted them into office are gold plated Assholes
    Funny it is not, the hope is maybe enough people will get their heads out of their asses & see the truth …..but don`t bet on it.

  5. Not surprisingly, the Jewish people just went under the bus in favor of the goat humpers. I think the black people have already gone under the bus for the Mexicans/Guatemalans/Venezuelans/Hispanic Shitholeians. Also not surprising is that the Democrats will likely lose little of the Jews and Blacks support.

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