Ronsday – Not Grilling Barr

So now Jerrold the Hutt Nadler and the Dimocrats are going to hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress, yannow like Congress did to a more deserving AG, Eric Holder, who really did act as the president’s lawyer and did obstruct justice. Ron has some thoughts on that.

Just didn’t feel like walkin today. Not in the mood. So there! But then I get up and check the blogs, and all I’m getting is Cohen with his chicken joke about Barr’s refusal to come in for his iron-maiden fitting. Hate politics. Wish they’d fix the immigration laws instead of attacking a PotUS who’s actually fixin stuff.

The reason Nadler set up Barr to be grilled by his team of lawyers instead of actual House members was to create a no-win situation for him in terms of perjury and contempt of Congress. Either that or he didn’t want to give the guy another opportunity to blow the blowhards out of the saddle as he did with the Dems in the Senate.

He was trying to set up a kind of Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in which he would be the puppetmaster, a modern Spanish-style Inquisitor or primo matador, sending out his Cuadrilla of Toreros, Picadors, Banderilleros, and assorted Mozos and Perseguidores in a farce inquiry into a non-crime based on actual political chicanery by HRC and BHO.

Nadler, Schiff, Swallwell, Cummings, Pelosi, and especially Hirono have redesignated the words “Senator” and “Congressperson” to mean “Whiner” and “Nitwit.” Grassley’s drop-the-mike riposte to a reporter flogging the collusion/obstruction dead horse sums it all up as neatly as I ever could:

“O.K. Here’s where we are: The Democrats and you folks in the media aren’t concerned about [Mueller’s] report. You’re concerned only that the results aren’t what you expected. And now you’re finding out you were sold a bunch of snake oil and the jig is up.” Then he turned and walked away, letting response questions fall to the floor like dust in a wagon track.

When Barr decided not to attend the dunking and pressing and at-the-stake burning by lesser twits, the brilliant mind of Steve Cohen came up with the absolutely profound and magnificently appropriate metaphor to illustrate the move: greasy KFC with a grin on his face like he’d just solved the Riddle of the Sphinx.

Nadler, Hirono, Harris . . . and all the rest who just can’t get over the fact that your carefully rigged 2016 election was lost by a besotted errorist . . . you’re nothing but askholes, self-possessed crybabies who insist upon posing moronic, useless, repetitive questions in perpetual Congressional “investigations.”

You guys have a classic case of destinesia – finally getting to the place you worked to get to but forgetting why you came there in the first place. Please, try to remember that you work for US, not yourselves or the DNC. Do the nation’s business, not your party’s. Stop trying to climb Mountain Dew on an imaginary obstructosaurus.

Gowdy pretty much nailed this nonversation about collusion and obstruction when he said no requirement exists for it to be made public – that’s the AG’s call. Barr could have kept it confidential or released it in whole or in part as he saw fit. Any info in it not sufficient for charge or indictment is nothing more than material for a political smear.

For some reason, about half the 535 members of the national legislature are in advanced stages of Russiosis, a degenerative psychological disorder in which the mind is tricked into seeing Putins everywhere it looks.

A few of them, such as Schiff, Waters, Nadler, Cummings, are in terminal-stage investigitis, a permanent involuntary thought-lock which blocks all new facts and data because of the post-hypnotic “impeach” command lodged there by the Sorceress of Sleaze, the Conjurer of Chappaqua, the Absolut Queen of Crapulence.

Their problem is, of course, that after their best-laid plans for Her Rotten Heinous gang agley, they had their alphabet-soup operatives stage a coup, but nobody came. It was like a rainy day at Wimbledon with players slipping in the mud and falling on their broken rackets.

Funny the way things work out . . . Ben Franklin felt that our national bird shoulda been the turkey. For years I considered that the wrong bird. Now I’m not so sure any more. And for years I considered Kennedy a worthless president who was far too leftist for the good of the nation. Now I wish we’d had him instead DingleBarry.

As for poople such as Waters or Jackson-Lee or Wilson or Schiff or Swalwell or Cohen . . . they might serve useful purposes if properly detoxified, dehydrated, granulated, and worked into the feed bins in a commercial catfish farm. Bernie, Beto, Harris, Warren . . . well, they might be useful in practice sessions for the next Olympics as javelin catchers.